Hearthstone Tidbits

A few things I don't have another place for yet. May have in the future.

Standalone pics for a team called the Claw of Vengeance that will be formed during the cycle of stories bearing their name. If all goes well I may make them their own series in which they act as a counter-terrorist group in the Northwest in the wake of the Cartel's defeat.

Here's a bunch of drawings I did for a "Hearthstone beach party" that I was going to transfer into a large setting piece, but I never got around to it.

An idea for a K'rek'skran called Z'doozer.

A platypus-like race called the Sek'matzi which I may or may not use.

The second one above is one I did with a brush-type pen. It looks OK to me but I weigh down too heavily on it.

In Hearthstone's first iteration some 20 years ago, I created a heroine based on a Canadian goose. I never did get to use her in a story or figure out exactly what her powers were, but it's nice to bring her back.