“Time Turkey


Before I realized that becoming a newspaper cartoonist was 1) near impossible, unless the editor you submit to has some sort of supernatural experience while reading your stuff; 2) newspaper comic strips were supposed to be dull rehashes of daily life as opposed to creatively original productions, I designed this comic titled “Time Turkey” about a time-traveling, trouble-making turkey. Think “Time Squad,” only his mission was to foul things up rather than fix them, and have fun doing it.


Time Turkey got one big break before I put it to rest – it was accepted as part of a magazine called Tomorrow’s Comics. That would have been a good break, except that the editors failed to print the strips in a proper sequential order. That meant that they were printed OUT of order, and so looked confusing – which meant readers were confused too. Never trust an editor, it seems.


TT meets up with David and Goliath. As you can see, TT wasn’t a King James Onlyist.

As the story progressed, TT accidentally knocked David out and ended up having to take his place fighting Goliath. Here's one part of what happened: TT morphed himself into Hulk Hogan...his friend's name, by the way, is Mayo Macropus, a kangaroom and he actually was also part of the iteration of Shrike Team I did 20 years ago. In that iteration (but not in the Time Turkey strip) he had the power to know all facts past and present. He's not in the current Hearthstone iteration, though pieces of his character have been transferred to that of Molinist.

When that didn't work, he tried boxing...

...and though he couldn't get no respect...

...eventually, he had another way to win....


TT meets up with King Henry the Eighth.

Later, TT puts Henry on a diet and takes him to aerobics classes in the 20th century. Henry's diet makes him a big success, and TT enjoys the fruits of it...






TT meets up with Claude Monet.

TT takes lessons from the great impressionist painter.




TT plays hardnosed reporter with the priests of Baal.




TT meets up Christopher Columbus and Confucious.





TT pesters Thomas Jefferson.



TT gives Karl Marx a look at what his theories wrought.

TT works as a foreman (foreturkey?) on the great pyramids of Egypt.

Found an old "Sunday" TT with Julius Caesar.

Last item for this series: pencil sketches of a reworked TT and his eternal female companion that I did a few years ago on a lark.