Banners and Links

These are banners for some web comic sites I have seen and that I really enjoy for various reasons. Be warned that some may link to other sites/pages with objectionable material if you follow the chain long enough.

Heroes of Middlecenter -- Parodic treatment of what some call the sword and sorcery genre, starring anthropomorphs. Cool!
Divided Sky -- This is a very intriguing and enjoyable site; the artist has a style that looks a bit like mine. Perhaps what I'd do if I were more anime in style.
Squirrel Works -- lots to look at here, and a bright and cheerful style of art.
The World of Vicki Fox by Laura Howell and Michael Russell offers characters similar to my own in many ways, and the creator lives not far from me. Neat!
Mountain Poutine by Hollyann Cotton features a gryphon and a fox that seem to have enjoyed the literary productions of Alice Walker. Nice!
Catena Manor by Tracey Pierce is not approved by my poodle Cocoa because of the cats, but I nevertheless thoroughly enjoy the artistic style.
Uber Bean Cafe by a reader of this site.
The Unofficial Raccons Homepage -- this is a fan site for an animated show I still like a lot, though I never did get to see more than the specials. The fellow who produced it also produced Atomic Betty.