Fan Art

If you'd like to do some art for this section -- either as a pro or as a fan -- I'd love to have it.

Sheila is our most popular subject for now. Here's one of my favorites by "L.C.", an aspiring artist in her own right:

L. C. also offers one of Brom's little sister Pepper, as well as some of Sheila and Felicity in their formative years:

This contribution is from our friend Ed of The Heroes of Middlecenter:

And here's one by C. showing Sheila on her bike as a child:

Or as a mermaid:

Couple of straight shots here:

Then one of our more, um, creative fans had a vision of Sheila as a "spider queen":

The same fan also did Brom Shriker up as an ancient warrior:

He's probably wondering why there aren't more pics of him here.

C. also did a closeup of Annabelle Ketterling (Snowdrop):

"DawnBat" gave us this vision of a Sk'lan with a heroic bent -- may just make a story of it....

D. H. offers Sonica breaking the fourth wall:

MikO gives us these visions of the Range Patrol as city dwellers:

Plus Brom Shriker in a super faceoff with a mecha devised by....well, look at the symbol...

And a crossover with LOTR type stuff...

And last but far from least, another budding artist, "T. B.," did this team picture:

Send us some more...they'd love the company!