Pickin's were slim this time, partly because we lost some collection days to TWeb being offline. But even with that, there just wasn't much worthy of Gold. Catch all the rest of the action that didn't merit Gold here.

From the Mailbag

Some nut wrote me, concerning http://www.tektonics.org/lp/macchio01.html:

I have just read your critique of Joseph Macchio’s scholarly book, title as above.

I feel sad that someone who presumably espouses Chjristian behavior should write such a bigoted report.

I have found that in all things to do with “why we are here”, it is essential to keep an open mind.

Your critique discourages such a state in people who may genuinely be seeking the truth.

Your organization does not have a monopoly of the truth, nor does it have proof of anything esoteric.

Please take a more moderate approach when reporting on others’ published works.

For what it’s woth, I thought it was a very well thought out and well documented expose of what is well known throughout most of the world.

Just read three lines of the article to see why this is screwy.

And here's a potential Skeptical Platinum email, just because it is that oblivious:

Your website, http://www.tektonics.org/shattering.html, has many errors. The most egregious is that Josephus makes a reference to Jesus. This has been proven to be a forgery by early Christians. Please correct that and any other errors unless you wish to remain intellectually dishonest.

The April 2012 John Loftus Collection

Nothing sward worthy from John this month.

The Random Atheist Collection

YT user bary1234, on who decides a curriculum in schools:

Who gets to decide: A panel of scientists. Where to draw a line: We make a list of all possible superstitions we can think of, all the way from spongebob and spiderman to horoscopes, creationism and zombie-jebus. Then we open that list to whole humanity, so people can read what is concidered as "superstitions not to be taught to minors as facts." If somebody finds that something does not belong on that list, he can provide the evidence for it and have it removed from the list

YT user 4um360 has a better option than answering arguments:

If there are wrong translations of words in English versions of the Bible, tell the translators to fix them. Did ignorant people translate from Greek and Hebrew? If that's so, how did "all knowing, all powerful" Yahweh allow it? Do you understand that when translating it is not always necessary to give a literal translation? In some cases it is more effective to translate the idea. That's probably how English Bibles got the word hell. None of the words translated as hell mean hell.

YT user Snakepliskinist, when confronted with Francis Collins as an intelligent Christian, replied:

Francis Collins was homeschooled. Even a powerful intellect has difficulty overcoming brainwashing that monopolized the sensoria of one's youth. Homeschooled children are significantly more likely to adopt their parent's wordview due to lack of heterogenous socialization. John Lennox he was raised in the Christian faith, and only became devout to please his secret homosexual lover, C.S. Lewis.

Brett "Dumbass" Palmer still can't believe he's not a universally acclaimed genius:

Living in Denver, I had my share of Tebowners. Didn't matter how poorly Tim played as a QB, his [censored] fans always had a way to see their hero in a positive light. Same thing with Holdingites. I ripped JPH's head off and [censored] on the Elisha issue but still, to fanbois like you, he "publicly humiliated" me. Insanity.

YT denizen and Thunderf00t fan QuantumOverlord exemplifies the fundy atheist attitude:

I don't know much about theology, I am willing to admit that Tf00t got the definition and history of presupposition wrong. However it doesnt necessarily mean its a valid argument for the existence of a God. I understand why tf00t doesnt necesarily feel he needs to learn everything about theology in order to argue against it

Thunderf00t also wins a Platinum nomination for being so stupid that he thinks presuppositional apologetics originated with the Answers in Genesis ministry.

The aptly named YTer jiberish001 says:

When a person says "I think", as I did, it is an opinion, NOT a fact claim. You can not change this by trying to argue that it is a fact about their thoughts.

Context: the point was that I said that I didn't think my parody vid with Ray Comfort was a criticism OF Comfort. His reply is that if you use the word "think" -- even if you are telling what YOUR thoughts on your own intentions were -- it's just your "opinion".

Brett "Dumbass" Palmer hasn't improved on his fundamentalism:

Reading the Bible in its own context is like Kryptonite to JPH. HOLDING creates the biblical context and then tells YOU what it is. The Bible is never allowed to speak for itself. It has to go through the JPH filter first. Remember, you can't read the Bible on your own. God is [censored] author. The Almighty had to wait until JPH was born before his book could be properly understood.

crazypills2 clowns around:

Like I pointed out in the video, I believe Holding actually thinks he's making an argument when he insults someone.

The Confused Christian Collection

Screwball to a pastor known by one of our readers for using a punch bowl to baptize a baby in church.

Christian Facebooker says:

Consider asking God "what do you think about me?"

Facebooker named Ryan sez:

justification by faith is a so called new doctrine also. the apostles certainly preached it however.

there are lots of things in the bible. I have come to understand that most christians haven't even figured out the baby stuff properly let alone something as heavy as escatology.

I might not be the greatest mind of our time however I have studied every single possible belief on the subject and that by simple faith in jesus christ. to say that pre trib is completely unbiblical is really big bold statement because it is the only thing that actually does line up with every word of god especially simple faith in jesus.

hmmm a masters in theology. ImpressiVe! Aparently you don't know god very much. he has chosen the foolish of this world confound the wise.

did you know that the bible says only 1 in 1000 preachers actually preach the right thing? Job 33:23. yeah they don't teach that in seminary school.

I have been studying the bible for a long time. I've been asking the questions and connecing the dots. I'm never happy with anything until god reveals it to me. what I have you cannot learn and seminary school however you can learn it from the bible.

A Christian replied to an article on faith with this woeful anachronism:

That does describe the blind faith of evolutionists, which Jesus rebuked.

And All The Rest

Wacko named "Peter" wins for this rant:

There is only one Supreme Intelligence that has (since the time of Adam), made “It’s” presence known to humankind, through thousands upon thousands of Messengers, sent to warn their respective peoples, in their native-tongues.

This Supreme Being goes by many different names: Ahuramazda, Brahman, Tian, Shangdi, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah or The Puppet Master.

It comes as no surprise that you despise individualism, as you have chosen to willfully cede your sovereignty (body) to a foreigner (human), in the act of copulation.

You have decided to submit yourself to an organism that lends legitimacy to your life: one where “the other” defines discourse for you. However, you are not alone in this matter. The vast majority of humanity is sleepwalking through their insignificant lives, their minds manipulated by the power of The Matrix.

God created marriage to enslave his creation, to bind those whose minds were weak enough to be unable to resist it’s temptation, to humiliate themselves in such a union.

Has it ever occurred to either yourself or others, as to why humans engage within the inferior practice of love? Of course it hasn’t. Humankind is content with allowing temptation and basic instinct rule within their weak minds. God has “forced love upon humanity” in order to perpetuate the species. God has willfully toyed with the emotions of humans, in order to satisfy a question that “It” has: can humans decipher right from wrong and thus escape the Abode of the Damned? Satan promised to take as many human souls to Hell, before the End of Days. Many humans will indeed enter Hell, as promised by Satan. Humans are so easily mislead.

As time progresses, humans will continue to be led astray by Satan and those allied to The Darkness. The signs are all there within all societies across the world today. Marriage will fail and The Forces of Darkness shall triumph over Good. It is in the very nature of Humanity to go toward that which is easy and simple: Sin.

Humanity was the result of an Experiment conducted by The Puppet Master to observe and document the extent to which a free-thinking organism could use it’s intelligence to decipher right from wrong (as defined by God). The results of that Experiment will reveal that Humanity was a mistake.

Post from kilroymasyer, on a Yahoo answers page answering how one can become a werewolf:

The only way for a human being to become a werewolf is for that person to be cursed by God or by one of the many angels that still serve God..... And the only other way is for you to belong to one of the many families that were already cursed by God in very, very ancient times............ Another thing that you need to remember is the curse that hangs over the heads of all werewolves will continue to prevent a werewolf from biting a human being or an animal thus turn that human or animal from turning into a like creature................ Nor does bathing in the blood of a werewolf can turn you into one............. Also FYI the full moon has no effect on a werewolf period, For the werewolf curse states that from dawn to dusk you will work your fields and from dusk to dawn you shall hunt your fellow man in those very same fields and as a man or as a beast you shall never again know rest............ Another thing the legend of the werewolf was written in the Bible until the Holy Roman Catholic Church decided to remove that information and many other pages and chapters and book from the bible...........

YT user kleenex3000 apparently blew his brain out through his nose:

Whether Rabbi is real or Mr.Vogel is ACTUAL Expert is meaningless. Replace the Rabbi by any Expert Descendant of the Rabbinic "P"riestship who knows from his "wisdom" to talk YOU into the ground,and replace Mr. Vogel by the ProfetePBUH himself,that would have talked you into the ground, if he still lived (G-D submitted the Qur'aan to him HOW can you disprove that?)You are clever in "RefutO'logy" by the books you have read.Not by actual, VERIFIABLE Evidence. You exploit residual incertainty.

I know that the number of ACTUALLY possible Creators is totally UNKNOWN and the mere NUMBER might defy the limited Human comprehension (?...-1000s,-100s,-1,0,+1,+100*s,+1000s...?) but not identical to the manmade, evolved, mutated Abrahamic Creator G-D

You repeatedly conjure my stupidity which fails to provide evidence that your Abrahamic Creator exists, even though.

Did you read my commentary with a bag over your Head?What about the Abrahamic Creator that EVOLVED from a TEMPLATE and eventually MUTATED into the All Merciful of da Profete,PBUH/LMAO did you not understand?Buddy,you alread lost it when you CONJURED the existence of J(the)C,by Mr.Tacitus and Mr.Josephus.Oh, and I forgot to mention that J(the)C EVOLVED from the posthumous Glorification of the aSSaSSinated Julius(the)Caesar:TROPAEUM=BEA*MS of☼MG☼Ddesse S☼NNE not DeathPenalty=Impalement(Stake) THEN.

You are yet to understand, that BRAINS created the Meta-Magical World, thast isd being depicted in the Scripture. The basic TEMPLATE of the Torah was created by the J"ehovist Author. She was so kind, to establish the covenant of G-D w/ Abra(ha)m but w/out the atrocity, that is now known as Genesis 17. Ther Rabbinic "P"riestly BLOOD SACRIFICE on the TRUE RESURRECRTING CREATOR was YET to be constituted.

WHETHER you do not accept that I call the Poly Neuronal Construction a Poly Neuronal Universe has no impact on the fact, that it establishes the Cognitive Self.

OtherCheek, a Mormon, really has this epistemology thing down pat:

If it's all to promote a lie, than even when satan speaks a truth, he actually has a lie in his heart, and he is lying. satan is called the father of lies for a reason, OBP. It's because he does not promote the truth, and there is a lie in his heart that he is promoting. Even if satan were to read me the bible himself, he would be lying. "Father of lies, he is."

Plaitnum nom: Screwball to a bunch of people on Twitter not knowing about that the Titanic was an actual ship that sank.




The news media wins a Platinum nom for, in the wake of Chuck Colson's death, focussing obsessively on his Watergate history while relegating to single sentences all his work as a minister.


http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/cheating-website-offers-1-million-anyone-sleeps-tim-190722057.html -- At Large Platinum nom.