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This might be the Platinum atheist email for 2011:

How can you dare to preach to us atheists when even many christians disagree with you? For example you misleadingly make out that beleving Jesus did not exist is something only atheists believe whilst keeping very quite about the fact that even some christians doubt Jesus ever existed. For example this article ( interviews a church priest who points out that Jesus is as likley to have existed as dionysus! Maybe if you have evidence that jesus existed you should share it with the guy. Or take your claim that Christianity wasnt ripped off from mithraism. Well Rob Bell (who I understand has a much bigger following than you do) recons that these similarities between Jesus and Mithras do exist ( about 1:50 in) I guess your going to say that vicars of large churches arent true christians whilst you are (despite the fact that your youtube videos only get a few hundred hits suggesting that everyone bar 300 people recognise you for the joke that you are).

You will always get fundamentalists like yourself who deny evolution, believe jesus existed and that mithraism didnt exist however until you can convice other christians can you please not try on people like me.

The August 2011 John Loftus Collection

John asks why he's being ignored:

But too often it appears Christian apologists want to ignore my works. Let me give you an example. Doug Groothuis, who teaches apologetics at Denver Seminary, has read my books. We've communicated with each other about specifics. His latest book to be published is Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith. But if you do a search inside his book for my name you won't find it. Why is that? No, really, why is that?

I think Groothuis is scared to mention me or my books. That's what I think. In my books I refer to the best that my opponents have to say, and I quote from them. That's how to engage your opponents in an argument. I'm not scared to do so. I think I can refer to the best that my opponents have to say and still beat them.

Ah. So now we know why John doesn't mention ME in his books...

If you're a Christian thinking about entering such a program then simply ask them if they deal with my books. Any program worth it's salt should do so.

I really don't care what I sound like. What matters is that I know apologetics and I know I have 'em by the [censored]. Socrates and Nietzsche were known as arrogant, so why is that even a criticism?

I cannot respond to even the most intelligent and scholarly criticisms of my writings. They are coming fast and furious. The deluded are coming up with the most contorted reasons to continue believing despite my arguments. That's the way it always has been. That's why many Christianities still exist who argue the others are wrong, and who agree against doubters like me. They just refuse to see. But then you wouldn't expect the deluded to see it any other way. I'd say they were idiots, but in reality, the more educated and brilliant they are the more idiotic they appear to the rest of us. They are blind. Faith blinds people. It really does. Just ask any person who has faith in a different religion and you will see clearly what I see.

Coming soon: The 1000 gallon cowboy hat. He'll need it for that head.

John's kissy buddy Hector Avalos wins for this commentary:

Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are certainly not Christian conservatives. My Bible says that women cannot teach men or be in any position of authority over men. It says so right there in 1 Timothy 2:11-12: ďLet a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent.Ē

Loftus groupie Peter Hoge also wins:

In my Christian life I needed the Resurrection to be true, and to believe it was true, in order to trust that other theological claims were valid. Eventually I realized that I was not "excited" by the Resurrection, let alone any other miraculous or supernatural event in the Bible. When I say "excited" I mean the body is fully engaged with the present moment or an idea in the mind. I know I am "excited" because chemicals are rushing and whatever is triggering the emotional state is something I want more and more of. If the Resurrection was truly as amazing as Christian apologetics claim, then it would have a ripple effect across time and space which would be astonishing, and there would be no way anyone could criticize it, let alone deny it.

So I looked at all my experiences as a Christian, and realized that intense love was never involved because the physiological response which we might associate with "love" was never present. I may have been focused on Christian life because it gave me distraction as person who has a mental health condition, but that focus was not comparable to a drug high, or natural high which might come from an intensely violent and/or pleasurable experience.

Therefore I have no reason to "believe" or just ride along with the Christian community in hopes that I could "fake it to make it".

Perhaps the apostle's experienced something amazing in Jesus, but the magic of those moments decayed over time. I prayed for that light to wash away all my problems, but it just wasn't there, and so I turned to "practice of letting go" which I learned from Dharma teachers, in order to experience emotional and mental stability.

The Random Skeptic Collection

Platinum n00b nominees: Reality Check and VanSmack51. The latter for things like:

I know a lot more about the Bible than Ehrman or any other Christian scholar. I know that it isnít even remotely historical. They donít. I personally think Bart Ehrman is a knucklehead. The Jesusneverexited website has him beat by a mile. 1000 miles. And you by a billion.

Bart Ehrman has failed to notice many things in the Bible that I have not. So I donít have much respect for him at all. Why should I? I studied Ancient Greek too. What does he know that I donít? Nothing.

YT user LambadLambadLambda, to one young Christian YTer:

BTW, once you get older, if you go on to have any kind of sucess in any career, you'll learn that you learn 100x more after college than in it.

You are very articulate for a 12 year old. You're like a young Bill O'Reilly! I can't be too harsh on you since you're just a kid, but her material has not been "crushed". You didn't back up your statements. Did you read her book? Imagine you're an author, who spent years writing a book, and citing it, and constantly have people brining up the same questions you've answered in your book.

YT user (Dis)HonestTechnoAtheist begs us not to make him work:

Don't forget to give the verses which show it to be a local flood. Not a website mind you, but verses...I haven't given UK a single website, I built my own arguments, he should do the same. I don't see why he needs a website, when the bible will suffice just fine as a source. Unless he wants to point me to people who modify the bible to be more suitable to them.

YT user baddamanben09 sets the burden of proof -- high:

He's [Thunderf00t] had more logical explanations for how the universe was created in a few short videos than the 2000+ year history of Bible ever has, Answer me 1 question, Prove that God exist in 1 Paragraph without quoting the Bible and using a Scientific explanation.

Scott Hurst wins for this twit (er, Tweet):

If all the atheists left the USA, it would lose 93% of the National Academy of Sciences but less than 1% of the prison population.

bertaberts, on exceptions to the US hearsay law:

Irrelevant. Thatís America. We here donít have exceptions. Hearsay is inadmissible as evidence. Anyway, America is bound to have exceptions to the hearsay rule. Itís the most Christian nation on the planet.

little_monkey is back, and he's as bad as ever:

I'm not talking about the judicial process of those times, no more than when examining the constitution, one should be looking at the judicial process of our courts. The constitution stands on its own. What the courts have done in the past or are doing right now is a totally different issue.Likewise, the writings of the bible stand on their own, regardless of how the courts in those bygone days used them.

Brett "Dumbass" Palmer wins for attracting fruit like this to his channel, absolutelyzero04:

I used to be a Christian and I got really curious about why atheists were atheists and as a result I ended up losing all my faith. During the process I tried so hard to convince myself that the devil had put all the dinosaur and evolution fossils all across the world to deceive me. I also tried to make myself believe that the bible was beyond human understanding and that the order of creation was that way because God was testing us. It was so hard. In order for my mind to come into terms with this and many other things I lost my faith. I watched your series "What the Bible Got Wrong" and it further reinforced my beliefs. Thank you and continue your work. :)

YT user Maber01:

As Moses destroys the golden calf or the Sun God of Taurus and brings in the age of Aries, thus saying bye to the bull. Aagin, the authors of Matt, Luke, John, and Mark are anonymous. Whoever wrote those books sure knew how to mix astrology with allegory. As for the Smurf and the Mushroom in the video you must watch "The Pharmacratic Inquisition" Jesus=Shroom:)

That is how I prove that Jesus is the sun and dies at age 33. There are 365 days is a year, numerology shows that 6 * 5 = 30 + 3 = 33 or another way 6 + 5 = 11 * 3 =33. The sun and Jesus can both be shown to die at age 33. Do you and your peeps laugh at that? or Orion vs Ophiuchus:)

Duh, I am riding in my solar boat at night, I see the solar winds that cause the northern lights and it looks like a ghost. This happens when I plant my crops in Pisces or Harvest in Virgo. By the way there are 7 constellations from Pisces to Virgo or 2 and 5. When I harvest I need to have 12 baskets full to last all year. The seal can be broken with the number 7. 5000/7 = 714 or the numerology way 777. or Matt 14:17 again 777. From the "Anonymous" gospel referred to as Matthew

The Confused Believer Collection

Carl Medearis gets an all around famous Christian nomination just for being himself.

TyRockwell? Hasn't changed:

It doesn't matter what commentaries or 'experts' say. Too many of them ADD to the word of God, as THESE DO, that you quoted. Much more revelation is available, now, with better translations than the commenters had as a foundation. Most commentaries are colored by the preconceptions of tradition and denomination that the writer brings with his interpretation. They are in fact, OPINIONS. What really matters, is what the Word of God says.

Jane Fonda wins a Famous Person nomination for Platinum for declaring herself both a "Christian" and "sexually active".

Pastor Frank Moore of McElroy Road Church of Christ in Mansfield Ohio gets one for putting up a billboard reading "THERE IS NO GOD" and "Don't believe everything you hear". His reason? He wanted to "honor God with an ad that would make people think."

U.S. District Judge Sam Davis gets a nomination for striking down key provisions of a Texas law requiring a doctor to perform a sonogram before an abortion. His reasoning? It supposedly violates the free speech rights of both doctors and patients.