There's nothing like a sound bite to make a Christian shut up.
Voltaire (dead for 200 years)
Most people do not know much about the actual background of the Christian religion and of the Jesus figure. I'm one of them. Here are some goofy rationalizations I offer for not doing my homework.
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It is more relevant to ask: Why do I resort to ad hominem and "argument by outrage" instead of confronting arguments like the kalam cosmological, and trying to understand the texts like someone living in the Ancient Near East?
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Some say yes, other say no. Too bad the some who say no are not historians. Watch me ignore historians and use as sources freethinker garbage of the 18th century.
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Are there any non-Christian historical records that can tell us anything of the historicity of Jesus? Yes, but I have excuses for all of them. Read it and weep
Is the Bible really what it is presenting itself to be? Or was it forged by the CIA and space aliens? See me plumb the depths of paranoia.
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If we tilt our heads enough and generalize vaguely, most of the aspects of the Jesus-figure can be found in the stories of older gods and god-men. Here I use no scholarly sources to conclude that Jesus is a copy of everyone else, and everyone else was original.
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We would think that the teachings of a "God" or "son of God" should at least be coherent, consistent and with flawless moral. Well, if we anachronize enough, they are not.
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A lot of people think that our western ethics and moral values are based on Christianity and the Bible. That of course is a simple way of putting it that makes it easy for me to knock the argument down.See here how
Just to make it seem fair I attack Islam, too. Who needs scholars of religion? Never mind.

Chicken Soup for the Atheist's Soul. I mean material nature.
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