Brooks Trubee

Guide to Skeptical Preparedness!

1)    Rose-colored goggles – makes Farrell Till or even Acharya S look like they know what they’re talking about.

2)    Pacifier – for those moments of insecurity when an apologist uses stuff too technical for you to answer.

3)    Wagon to put your stuff in. It should say “Radio Flyer” on the side, but that’s not necessary.

4)    Favorite books – George Smith’s Atheism: The Case Against God is a must. After that, your choice what to carry around, but Brooks recommends anything by someone without a degree in their field of professed expertise.

5)    Earplugs – so you don’t get wax on your fingers when it’s time to sing, “La la la laaaaa, I can’t hear you!”

6)    Secret Decoder Ring – for interpreting the Bible professionally.

7)    Tekton Screwball of the Month Award – always carry at least one with you.

8)    Horn – for distracting people listening to you argue.

9)    Running shoes – for getting away from Holding.

10)    Loudspeaker – for more effective soundbites.

11)    Tickets to next Benny Hinn crusade. Disguise optional.

12)    Big Wheel. Must be able to pedal backwards quickly.

13)    Farrell Till flag – show your patriotism!

14)    Mallet – for those times when you need to clear your head

15)    Chick tracts – keep up on the latest in Christian scholarship.