2012 is history, which means it is time again for our readers to select the screwiest of the screwballs. Pop by my section of TheologyWeb here and cast votes in each of the many Platinum Award threads. Polls close Jan. 20 so we can have a special award for the Screwiest of the Screwy (the Diamond Screwball of 2012). Results will be posted in next month's feature. You can check out the Screwies that didn't make this list here.

Here's one from a Church of Christ legalist nutcase:

Is the Bible not fully whole and complete, lacking in nothing. If it was, you would be saying God is lacking. If God wanted us to do something, ie:play musical instruments...HE WOULD HAVE COMMANDED IT, AND IT WOULD BE IN THE NEW TESTAMENT BIBLE. The commaned to use musical instruments is not in the New Testament and therfore you shouldnt use them. If God wanted us to use them, then it would be a command and therefore EVERYONE would need an instrument to obey Gods command. You...and your group, that must have paid you well, have a problem with authority as stated by you in your post, ie:The CoC would have us fill in with foolish, authoritarian answers like, "because God commanded it"...wow, you do realize how stupid that looks...yes us crazy CoC people...wanting to listent and believe gods authority...how foolish of us...I pray for you.

This noms Platinum for atheist email:

You asked why anyone would put any credence in [Lloyd M. Graham's] book. I have a very simple answer for you. As ridiculous as some of his assertions seem to be, they make more sense than the thousands of ridiculous assertions Christians believe that are written in the bible by ignorant Bronze Age idiots who didn't even have as much knowledge of science fact as a 5th grader does today. We are to believe that this monstrously incorrect and conflicting culling of some of the most outrageously ignorant rantings and falsehoods is actually either the word of god or inspired by god.

Calling yourselves Christian Apologists is more than appropriate since you should be apologizing for that total affront to intelligence that your faith has inflicted on humanity. I have studied the bible for over 40 years of my life. So, I have a question for you before there could even be the hope of a beginning for a debate on the subject. Which of the dozen or so of the most accepted translations, of the more than a thousand iterations, culled together from the ancient Hebrew and three other languages that the Old Testament was written in, and the original Greek that most of the New Testament was written in, do you accept as being 'the word of god'? I'd really like to know, since the differences are almost astronomical in the meaning of hundreds of the most critical passages.

Honestly, the religious of the world are the most delusional people I know. If it weren't for the fact that people indoctrinate their children into that crap from the time their heads are soft, logic, science and reason would have caused it to die out long ago. How about just starting with the fact that, other than anecdotal hearsay, there is absolutely no historical evidence that a man called Jesus ever existed, let alone walked around the middle east performing miracles, dying and ascending 'up' to heaven. The only reason the mythological story says that is because ignorant people back then thought heaven was 'up' and hell was 'down'. Today we know that up is just going out into space and quite frankly, hell is an invention to control people's behavior, the same as religion.

http://www.nazarethmyth.info/Fitzgerald2010HM.pdf If you have any education at all, then read this. I have found absolutely no errors in any of the facts asserted here. David Fitzgerald's book, that this is a summary of, is called 'Nailed'.

The December 2012 John Loftus Collection
None from John this month.
Mixed Atheist Nuts

mate_no_way for Platinum n00b, for such statements as:

No wonder your Jesus was born in a stable, Mary & Joseph could not find room in any Inns as they were full because of Christmas.

YT user MyOnlyFarph, on my Abraham/Isaac vid:

It is interesting how much of the video is persuasion and non-arugment. Things like redrawing the characters and interpreting them as being strong, clean, intelligent people. That, and all of the ad hominem along the way.

You heard it here: It's a positive for NonStampCollector to depict Biblical figures as weak, dirty, and stupid.

Whag noms Platinum for using the Connecticut shooting as an excuse to preach his atheism.

YT user Andrew Whoo, on one of my vids:

This is useless, cause we arent talking about hebrew or arabic. We are talking about greek.

And, YT user 15YrOldAtheist:

Well these videos are going no where, both of the videos make the other seem stupider then they are. I just like that fact that NonStampCollector have humor in it, they are able to make me laugh, your is to serious and has some very loud noises when they blink. They stuff you say is very different from what some people might say because all religious people have different views on everything. This is the same with atheism.

Richard Dawkins noms Platinum for Famous Atheist:

Those people who think sexual abuse is a black-or-white, all-or-none category are incapable of clear, logical thought.


The people who belives that the towers where actually taken down by a bearded guy in a cave in Afganistan are much like the Christians who follow a book with blind faith. They see the evidence in front of there eyes but they do not want to belive in them because they are afraid of what it will do to there self being and how it will change there personality ,we athiest are willing to see any new evidence and put it to the test.

The Rest of the Best

Here's one by YT user Matt Singleton, on my Geisler Christmas vid, that may win Christian Statement Platinum:

I think Geisler accidentally stumbled onto the tip of the iceberg. The entire apocalyptic genre is a farce! It is equating false prophecy with real prophecy. It is transforming the text into a form of myth. Myth being fiction can not be the genre of the Bible because the bible is neither false, nor the product of man's imagination.

Amos corrects us on the KJV:

The saddest of all that those who reject the word of God is they have even esteem themselves more highly than they ought and have become drunk on the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. The arrogance of those that declare the bible as a “Bible in antiquated English” will give them liberty to add, take and diminish the pure words of the very pure word of God has left them in the very state of the church of the Laodiceans.

There is very little that can be done for those that sit there in their superior pride knowing not they are deceive by strong delusion, simply because they have rejected the love of the truth. I counsel thee to buy of word gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

stefcui, on the church and geocentrism:

It was atheists who financed and supported Luther and Kepler and Gutenberg, etc. There goal was to destroy the influence and power of the papacy. These christians were duped, as you have been. You only need to read Luthers book against the Jews to realise how much Luther was manipulated by unchristian forces.

Stefcui, who is going for Platinum n00b:

It was always the heretical fringe elements who supported heliocentricity. It was not simply a catholic heresy that Copernicus incited, it was all churches... "All branches of the Protestant Church - Lutheran, Calvinist, Anglican - vied with each other in denouncing the Copernican doctrine as contrary to Scripture; and, at a later period, the Puritans showed the same tendency." (A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, Andrew Dickson White). Who was behind this new heliocentric hypothesis if it had been rejected by all major christian institutions? It was brought into existence by fringe elements and heretics, such as Giordano Bruno. The Deists of the world were desperate to overturn the authority of the church, and by supporting Copernicus they now had an intellectual and philosophical road in which to attack the church. This was prophesied in order that the end-time beast might have ideological support from the fringe element who cared nothing for the standards and values of Christ. That vision is seen clearly in this thread by the fringe element, who claim to be christian, yet are really just covert deists using the ideologies of science as a trojan horse. May we always be awake to such machinations of the devil.

Here's a Muslim Platinum nom, described by Nick Peters:

In the Muslim debate group on Facebook, a Muslim posted there is none like Allah who is one. I replied that if none were like God, it would make more sense for Him to be triune. I said we're all one person so it would seem all of us are like God. He stated the Bible does not teach we're one person. He responded that the Bible says that Christians are not one person. Proof text?

2 Cor. 5:17. If anyone is in Christ, he is a new person.

Also from that group:


Mormon Jo gets a Platinum Statement nom:

Peter, James and John were necromancers. Jesus was also a necromancer.




http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/12/13/NBC-Denounces-Religious-Part-Of-Christmas -- Famous Person Platinum nominee


Screwball to both atheists and Christians making ideological fodder out of the Newtown shootings. This includes a Christian named Jacob on Facebook who has said that all people who have Asperger's or any mental illness should not be allowed to own a gun and who is saying that Christians should not believe in Jesus based on evidence because we are people of faith.

http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/8090143/Church-billboard-Was-Jesus-gay -- anyone else find using a baby picture more than a little disturbing in a pedophilia sort of way?


http://cnsnews.com/news/article/queen-james-bible-scrubs-homophobic-passages -- Book award.