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We start with this poetic email:

All the rhetoric

All the rituals and dogma

Leave this second generation pk cold

Exclusion is the benchmark of denominations

I thought Christ came to show us a better way

But of course. And that better way is....making bad haiku.

And here's a Christian Email that may win Platinum:

Every once in a while, and not often, I read something during a search that comes up. I am extremely skeptic of scholars since most of them only pervert the word of God when coming out with so called up to date easier to read bibles for dummies, when all the needed to do was just stick with an Authorized King James Version. If all you had was the word of God (Sola Scriptura), You would have every answer to every problem in life. Scholarship contributes nothing.

The article in which I read on your site, seems to explain the situation away. Uses one of the most corrupt texts that I know of, the LXX. And does not shed any light on the word of God or even give God the glory, but another scholar praising himself with his vast superior knowledge of mss. and Greek and Hebrew lexicons. I just stick with my AKJV. Itís written in 4th to 6th grade English. Well, at least most of the common folk were far more educated in the English language in the 1600ís. So much for evolution.

Back to the point: Just as Jesus was number with the transgressors Isa 53:12, when he was not a transgressor, Judas was numbered with the apostles even though he was not a real apostle. We know Judas is the son of perdition, II Thess. 2:3 and John 17:12.

Satan is always trying to take away the Glory of Jesus Christ, our Lord and God. That is why when Jesus Christ was hanging on the tree, (cross), Judas went and hung himself on the tree. Except, God the Father was not going to let Satan get the glory. All Glory goes to Jesus Christ. So God made an earthquake. The earthquake did a few things. It ripped the veil in twain. It also broke the branch on the tree, which the son of perdition, (Judas) hung himself on.

Since then, mankind is only saved by believing on Jesus Christ and confessing to him that he is a sinner and asks the Lord to come into their life, surrendering all to him and being washed in the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is nothing else for a man to do that will saved him. Itís faith and not works.

Hereís a foot note in my Bible from a man that has spent his lifetime winning souls to Jesus Christ by preaching, teaching and witnessing. And informing everyone about the modern day apostates who pervert the word of God with the modern day sales pitch on trying to sell easy to read, better to understand because your all dummies, bibles, based on corrupt Greek and Hebrew texts.

Quote: Again, see note on vs. 12, the apostate scholars have imagined a contradiction where none exists. Vss. 18-19 cf. Matt.27:5-8. Judas did indeed go out and hang himself Matt. 27:5, but when the earthquake of Matthew 27:51 hit, the limb on which he was hanging obviously broke, and his body fell, bursting open as it dashed against the rocks below. Judas obviously purchased a field by proxy Matt. 27:3-4cf. Matt 27:6-7. And while the chief priests may have called that field the field of blood because it was purchased with blood money Matt. 27:6-8, the townsfolk called it the field of blood because of what happened to Judas vs. 19. One of the problems with the scholars is that they have cloistered themselves in their studies and classroom for so long that they have lost touch with reality.

I will give you the note from vs. 12 also. This had to do with the Sabbathís day journey;

There is an apparent contradiction between the verse and Luke 24:50. A Sabbath dayís journey is considered to be seven and a half furlongs about 3,000 feet, according to Josephus. John 11:18 tells us that Bethany Luke 24:50 was fifteen furlongs a little over one and a half miles from Jerusalem, twice the distance of a legitimate Sabbath dayís journey. But, Luke 24:50 does not say that Jesus led the disciples to Bethany, but as far as to Bethany. The expression as far as to implies that Jesus did not go into the village, but simply within reach of its suburbs. According to Numbers 35:5, the suburbs of a city went out 3,000-3,500 feet from the city wall. Since Bethany was located on the mount of olives Luke 19:29, there is no contradiction between the Luke account of the ascension and the Acts account. Jesus and the disciples travelled a Sabbath dayís journey on the mount of olives, which brought them to the outer limits of the suburbs of Bethany.

Well, I am born again. I use a AKJV Bible. I attend an Local, independent, Bible Believing, Baptist Church. I am washed in the blood of Jesus.

Now, I know there are so many scholars who teach doctrine that have nothing to do with the Bible. Then there are some who do. But, I just wanted to share something with you and I am not a know it all, but I do know that Judas couldnít be hanging on that tree while Jesus was dying on the cross for the sins of the world and shedding His Blood for all who accept him to be cleansed from their sins. Amen!

That much I would like to get right. I donít care about what this Greek word meant or that Hebrew word meant. I know what my AKJV says. I think the scholars should start concentrating on what the English says. Amen!

The February 2012 John Loftus Collection

John begins with an argument that he can't believe in a God that isn't as great as he is:

I cannot conceive of an omniscient God being able to do this given all that I know about Christianity, the Bible, theology, philosophy, science, and the history of the church. For God to do this he would have to re-create this universe and basically rewrite history itself. But what is done is done. If however, it takes omniscience (or near omniscience) to show the Christian faith is true, then God should also know that without it I could not think otherwise. I might be wrong. But not even an omniscient God can show me that I willfully reject Christianity against the overwhelming evidence given that I am not omniscient and given what I find in this world. What the evidence leads me to think is that the Christian faith is wildly improbable.

John also wins for thinking Mike Licona is afraid to debate him (even as he refuses to debate Mike's son in law), and for posting one of his own quotes as his Quote of the Day. And there's this on a response to one of his books:

There is one thing that needs to be acknowledged. I haven't bothered to read The End of Infidelity but I'm sure the people of Triablogue say the same thing about it as they did about The Christian Delusion. They think my books are bad, really bad. If they really think this then why bother writing a refutation of them? I wouldn't bother writing anything against Ray Comfort's books since I think that's going after low hanging fruit--no challenge at all. I would pick better fruit.

I just don't get it. I don't think they can have their cake and eat it too. Either my books are so bad a High schooler could see through the errors in them, or they are not. If they are that bad then there is no reason to bother with them. To bother with them means they are not as bad as they say.

I have read several attempted refutations of what I have written by conservatives and they are pretty bad. Some are so bad I don't bother with them. I probably won't bother even reading The End of Infidelity because their attempted refutation of The Christian Delusion was really bad. But even if I do decide to read it I'm pretty sure I won't bother with it.

And, he gets the Supreme Irony Award for this comment:

Some Freethought Bloggers have an exaggerated sense of their own importance in the over-all scheme of things. It's easy to think this since people choose to believe what they prefer is true. But I know enough to know that I'm not important much at all.

By the way, he left Freethought blogs and returned to his own after making a stench in the nostrils of people there.

Atheist Miscellany

Don't make a typo, because in the eyes of The Pixie, that makes you a bad witness:

There are a couple of interesting points from Raphael's miracle claim that perhaps have parallels with early Christianity.

The first is how readily some people accept an incredible claim. Acts records how large groups of people were convinced by the apostles after being told that Jesus had been resurrected. Why would these people believe such a claim with only the say-so of the apostle, did none of them ask to see the empty tomb, or for some other evidence? The lesson from this thread for me is that plenty of people would be happy to believe the miracle, and furthermore would shout down anyone in the crowd that dared to ask for evidence.

The second popint is how easily a legend can develop. Raphael originally claimed his sister had been cured at the age of three, but after e-mail correspondance, discovered actually she had been 16 months old. Quite a difference. Let me be clear, I am not doubting his sincerity - just as I do not doubt the sincerity of the early Christians - but memories are not perfect, and in those days they had no e-mail to quickly verify what actually happened. As the gospel stories spread beyond Jerusalem, all hope of checking the facts rapdly diminished.

Christianity has been described as the "impossible faith", I think this shows it may not have been impossible afterall.

He also made comments of this sort, in favor of someone's use of Wikipedia and Google:

Say Carrier made a claim that you believed most atheists, as well as Christians, would reject, would you bother to visit the library to prove him wrong?...Jaecp presented a Wiki article, and given this is an internet forum, and not a college dissertation, then that is good enough (at least as a starting point).

And he nominates Platinum for this:

There have been several explanatons by non-Christians to try to explain the circumstances around Jesus resurrection, starting with the claim that the disciples stolen his body, which was circulating even before some of the gospels were written. Here is an alterative theory.

The idea here is that Jesus came back to life as a purely natural process. Ridiculous! you say. Maybe not. Look at this article about a jelly fish that can come back to life:

"But when starvation, physical damage, or other crises arise, "instead of sure death, [Turritopsis] transforms all of its existing cells into a younger state," said study author Maria Pia Miglietta, a researcher at Pennsylvania State University. The jellyfish turns itself into a bloblike cyst, which then develops into a polyp colony, essentially the first stage in jellyfish life."

a mere jellyfish can do it, surely a man can too, albeit in very unusual circumstances. Thus, is it possible that, like the jellyfish Jesus came back to life via a natural process?

Jaecp, referred to above, also wins:

If google is sufficient, thats what I use. The problem isn't that I'm using google, but that what I've commented upon doesn't stand up to a cursory examination.

Neil Godfrey (Vridar) wins; see

YT user and 19 year old moron doombybbr, on my "Beat the Bible Scholar" vid:

this makes no sense, the person who read the bible would be the atheist, atheists know statistically more about the bible than christians, and the bible scolar would probably at least be agnostic after reading all the innacuracies in the bible.

Another YT dum dum, failmaster -- er, pailmaster, who claims to have an IQ of 140:

but by saying he was sarcastic you raise a far bigger issue now

how do you then know if the next time a person says anything in the bible is that person meaning it or being sarcastic

anothere problem you have created is sections of the bible can now be translated into different meanings

wich raises the issue what parts are then real meanings and wich parts means have to be taken in a certain context or meaning

so by this you got from a lesser problem to a much bigger

Oddly, dummies like this one seem to be able to walk around in their daily lives and have little or no problem at all deciding when people are being sarcastic. In addition, this dum dum is from Denmark, and seems to not be afraid to communicate with people in English in spite of the danger of "different meanings" between the languages. Funny how this sort of thing only reaches crisis proportions when it comes to the BIBLE!

JimL defines himself into a corner:

Okay, and I admit that I know little of the Mormon faith, but I always thought that they believed in the same Christian God as do you, but if they do not, if they do not believe in a creator who made everything, then yes I would say that they are athiests.

Vansmack51 has his picture in the dictionary under the entry, "sociopath":

I am a good person for my own selfish reasons. Being a good person gets me better friends and more of them. It makes my relatives love me more. It gains me respect in the business community. I could go on and on about why people should behave nicely. But it would all go right over the Christian's heads on this site. And the atheists already understand the value of being a good person. Christians never will.

YT moron and art critic says:

Both ProfMTH and NonStampCollector use very basic techniques and visuals, but they are aesthetically pleasing, which makes absorbing their content enjoyable.

Um yeah. A guy who uses stick figures, and another who just makes glorified PPT presentations...aesthetically pleasing.

Platinum nom to a Facebook atheist:

Christianity is a system of belief which relies on the basic ignorance required to reject proven theories like evolution.

The basic requirement of Christian thought is that one accept that a mystical being without form, mass, density, origin, or definition created the universe around 6,000 years ago in less than a week. Not only is this certainly not true, it's laughably ridiculous. Proponents of Christianity regularly and condescendingly point out that science can't say for sure how the universe was created. This is true, but the scenarios forwarded thus far are clearly more plausible than the bronze-age fairy tale trumpeted by the many theistic clowns masquerading as "scholars". And if you differ in opinion from myself on this point, allow me to remind you that what science *has* thus far proven (that the Earth is at least several billion years old, that the universe does not center on or even largely consist of our solar system, galaxy, or sector; and that humans were not the Earth's first dominant species) all directly and conclusively contradict the biblical sequence of events to the point that continuing to insist upon taking that version of events on faith travels wholly out of the realm of reason and into that of obstinacy and deliberate ignorance.

For educated people in the modern age to embrace a system which champions the ignorance of anti-evolutionism, the hate and bigotry of religious dogmatism and sectarianism, and the downright wrongness of pro-life discrimination, woman-hate, anti-sexual prudeness, prayer-based non-action instead of real efforts to do helpful things in response to problems, and support for rich evangelical tycoons instead of starving children and failing schools; is a disgrace and a black mark on the history of our civilization.

Looking back at human history, there is one force which can be clearly cited as a driving force behind almost every single inhibition of human progress since the time of the Roman Empire: religion. Religion holds us back as a society: morally, culturally, intellectually, scientifically, medically, socially, economically, and politically. The path to a better tomorrow lies on the other side of it's abolition as a force in society.

Platinum Irony for this atheist, who also endorsed the Christ mythL

Stephen Jay Gould school claimed that religion and scholarship occupied separate, non-overlapping worlds. I donít agree with this view, but it would help the case for it if religious buttinskis didnít keep shoving their noses into subjects they clearly arenít qualified to discuss.

The Christian and Theist Collection

Livelystone, on the resurrection body:

Understanding the resurrection as intended to be understood by Paul requires that one 1st realized that ďa bodyĒ does not have to be a physical body as in terrestrial, but can be a celestial body the same as our soul is a celestial body.

Paul spoke of being resurrected as some other grain because of the differences between the barley associated with the Passover that is associated with Jesus Christ versus wheat that is associated with Pentecost that is associated with the church. The barley of Passover that represents Jesus Christ will not bond with yeast (levan) that is symbolic of sin whereas the wheat of Pentecost will bond with levan in the same manner that our sinful souls are unclean because of the presence of sin in it.

Therefore the resurrection that is available to us is the resurrection from death unto life as in going from living in death because of sin, to live a holy life free of sin because we are resurreced through the presence of Jesus Christ in us who cannot sin. Understanding the resurrection of the body is not our body per se, but is the resurrection of the body of Jesus Christ in us that is a corporate body whose head is in heaven who leads us into living sinless lives.

Tying all this itogether with being caught up to be with the Lord in Thessalonians that speaks of when the dead in Christ shall rise first, hopefully clarifies a lot of the false teachings that have taken the body of Christ captive.

Christian Facebooker, from the Conflict-free Christianity Dept.:

When people's lives please the Lord, even their enemies are at peace with them.

Hmm. So Jesus's life wasn't pleasing to the Lord.

Disclaimer on a Calvinist YT vid wins:

Disclaimer: I am not Armenian. If you are Armenian you are NOT saved.

Screwball to someone with a bunch of Watchtower publications in the front of the Royal Bank who got into the following discussion with a reader (because you know, Jehovah's Witnesses think God's name is Jehovah, and they don't believe Christ is God):

Reader: "You know, when Moses asked God at the burning bush what his name was, he said "I AM." Jesus was asked by the Pharisees who he was, he said, "I AM." And they wanted to STONE him for that because they knew that meant He was saying He is God. So that means that Jesus is God."

JW: "Go away, you're from the Devil." -- may be Platinum if it isn't a joke. -- Platinum nominee. -- describes Platinum event. -- to the offending community. -- At Large Platinum nominee.! -- Christian Platinum vid nom.