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January 2005



Golden duh award winners




I’ve heard of drinks in a box, but really!

As a rule, fans of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code are good for at least one laugh a month. Sure enough, I got one in January. Here it is, spelling and such intact:


Hi I came across this site http://www.tektonics.org/davincicrude.htm

and all you’re put downs of the book "The Davinic  Code"

having note read the book I do have an opened mind, which is not always easy to have,


Anyway it seams your losing the battle, you have lost the battle in criticising the book, as its one of the most popular out there so give that part up.


Not far down the web page you make an error about Indian Jones and the Holy Grail being a cup, when it’s a casket box type thing, then you quote the Borders shop conversation with a woman 


("Well, it has the date of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls wrong,”[1][1][4] I told her, and pointed out specifics of the error." If the author cannot get something that elementary and fundamental right, what else is he wrong on?)


Ditto m8



Hmm. It seems someone has the FIRST Indiana Jones movie, with its Ark of the Covenant, mixed up with the THIRD movie, and its Holy Grail. Hard to keep track of all those archaeological finds without a program, isn’t it?



Silver duh award winners


Textual criticism the easy way


This one was written in response to one of my articles on the OT, and an answer I gave that an error could be attributed to scribal miscue:


it is  just rubbish answer  and shows by it self that bible is not fully safe..either  bcoz  of copiers fault  or  due  to some other  problems....plz  tell me  how  do  u  know  that  when the copier  was  writing bible incorectly , was  you there  with  him  to  tell  us  that   he  faulted  here and  here  and  .....that  verse  was  not  faulted  etc...  ..and  i  wrote  some  other writers...who  when it  comes  to science  vs   bible...say  that  dont read  bible  from  scientic  point  of  view.......did God  dont  know  science!!!


Hmm. I give it a D for coherence and an A for paranoia. I wonder what Bruce Metzger would say about “how do you know” as an answer.



Too steamed to answer


This little gem came from “Steamer,” a fundy atheist on TWeb. His favorite hobby is throwing things against the wall to see if something will stick:


I'm coming to the conclusion that any view held of Christianity will be a caricature to Christians unless it is the view that it is true..


We’re glad he finally figured it out. And for the record, one more from Steamer, tho’ it is from December:


Myself, if any book contained 10,000 prophesies that came true, I'd assume that prophesies were a natural phenomena and would urge scientists to further study it and discover the technique.


Any port in a storm, as they say.