It's time for the 2010 Platinum Screwball Awards, and those will be at the bottom of this page. This year we also introduce the Diamond Screwball Award, for the Screwiest of the Screwy. See the rest of the best here.

From the Mailbag

The first screwy email of 2011 was short and screwy to the point:

It appears that Dennis MacDonald’s work hit a nerve near to JPH. Nothing like a critique of this nature to take me to MacDonald’s book.

Then we had this eEmail with the subject heading, "I am going to show you Ez.26":

Hosea 4:3

I used the KJV which translates into And it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the first [day] of the month, [that] the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

And that's all it was. Seriously.

This one was screwy but dull:

I stumbled upon your website and your article about David and Goliath and while reading on this issue, I also read another very interesting article under the heading "Bible's King David exposed as despot who did not kill Goliath" by Jonathan Thompson, based upon material published by Dr. Stephen L. McKenzie, professor of the Hebrew Bible at Rhodes college in Memphis, Tennessee.

One of the great faults with what is called "the Bible" is that the violence, barbarity and atrocities attributed to God are so overwhelming to believe, that in fact many turn to atheism. The Bible is the single greatest source of mass religious confusion ever published.

Those who are "apologists" for the Bible will some day filter down to a very few human beings, as millions the world over begin to see that in fact the Bible is NOT infallible and inerrant. It is a mixture of some truth and a lot of human fabrication. There are many Christians who see through the barbarity attributed to God and are not believers in a lot of the Old Testament stories.

The January 2011 John Loftus Collection

On Vic Reppert's blog, Loftus started the year with a Platinum statement:

Doesn't it amaze you that in order to defend your Christian faith it takes an enormous amount of knowledge and argumentation (according to Christians). It should.

Loftus groupie Gearhead Ed also wins, and is a nominee for Platinum skeptic statement, 2011:

Once upon a time, I didn't concern myself with these discussions. I was an atheist, but had (it seems to me anyway) not been "indoctrinated" or unduly influenced into it. I have read exactly ONE of the books on John's sidebar list, Hitchens' collection "The Portable Atheist"; and also Dawkins' "The God Delusion", but only recently in both cases. On the other side, I read (years and years ago) Josh McDowell's "More Than a Carpenter" and Hal Lindsey's "The Late, Great Planet Earth". Aside from the Bible, that is the extent of my reading on the those subjects. I try not to pollute myself with the thinking of others too much. That's why I said I didn't know if anyone had made that particular observation before.

Atheist Miscellany

YourMaster gets a head start:

Empiricism also tells us that people who are truly dead for three days, cannot come back to life. So if a religious claim hangs on the proposition that god did this, we now have some information about god that we can test using empirical methods. God can suspend the laws of nature. Well, we haven't found a single verifiable instance where the laws of nature were suspended. The only thing we have claiming such an event ever happened, are claims that can be otherwise explained using empirical scientific method (e.g. as mentioned above, we know there are characteristics of human psychology, which can induce false belief). The question then becomes is it more likely that these claims are true, or is it more likely that these claims are just as mythic as every other religious claim in history? We can take another approach, and begin by looking at the totality of the claims. For instance, we know the creation story is largely erroneous. We have good reason to believe the Exodus narrative is largely mythic. So does the fact that part of the story is demonstrably untrue, make it more likely that the rest of the story is untrue? Certainly, given the dependence between all these stories, its overall credibility is diminshed. In any event, the best empirical tool we have is what we know about human psychology, versus what we know about biology (which tells us that there is virtually no chance these religious claims can be true). This demonstrates why empiricism is a valuable tool to help us examine religious claims, and why it is unlikley that any supernatural religious claim is true.

Infide has the latest great argument against theism:

While I was thinking about the implications of God incanting a world into existence, I was struck by how this story really reflects something inherent in theism - a belief in magic.

Think about it - God chants a spell and then things happen. We aren't told that God takes some dirt (atoms?) and molds it into various things. Rather God chants magical spells and things magically happen.

This, I think, parallels another curious act of the religious - prayer. It has long baffled the more intellectual among them the exact purpose of prayer to a being who by definition knows more than you and can never be told something that they do not know. Nor can this god's will be thwarted, we are told in several places in the Scriptures. Even the commonly used colloquialism "alignment to the will of God" is nonsense, because according to their theology, the very idea of something happening that is not aligned to the will of God cannot, even in theory, happen.

So there is no reason to pray, at all. But, what if the real meaning of prayer actually has more to do with copying their God as portrayed in Genesis 1, by doing magical incantations. Some Christians certainly talk about prayer in this way - do it often enough or intense enough, or whatever - and things will magically happen in your life.

Just some thoughts for your Sunday :-D

Omniskeptical offers a good argument:

Kurt Wise is an Australian, and shows in his lack of understanding of physics and chemistry.

Ilah makes a scholarly splash:

lol. Funny you should mention skeptics annotated bible. I have been on that site but not exactly for the Bible though. I've been on various sites and watched various videos on Youtube as well as reading some of it. Originally it was due to Islam that I believed the Bible was false, of course that's self explanatory. But now I don't believe it's false because the Qur'an says so, as I don't think the Qur'an can even stand on its own. But nothing in the Bible can actually be considered original from what I know, although I could be wrong of course, as previous religions tend to have similar stories that predate the stories in the Bible but are changed to suit the Bible.

I see most religions as poor representations of what a good God actually is.

daviddodo007 on history:

Oh please this historical relativism is too much, for your own sakes give it a rest it's embarrassing. Copernicus's system this, Kepler's system that it doesn't matter. Galileo was right and the church was wrong end of. It's all very well to the untrained eye who just sees the sun and the moon but anyone who goes beyond that and observes the planets and even the stars the Geocentric model very soon becomes problematic. With a telescope with more planets to observe this problem only increases. Why do the planets orbits loop, this makes no sense in a Geocentric universe (solar system) but perfect sense in a Heliocentric universe (solar system.) Galileo saw this and was punished for stating the truth.

You do realize you're defending the Inquisition right, right. What next the Gestapo where misunderstood and just needed hugs OK yeah! So what if he worked for the church and pissed off a few Jesuits what is he supposed to do live a lie to appease them. The behaviour of the church was disgusting and any attempt to whitewash it is sheer apologetics of the worse kind. I'm sorry if this post seems too aggressive but it's for your own good, when your in a hole stop digging.

mikemaniax shows how he learned the blame game:

But as someone who was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school, and am now a seriously serious doubter of the existence of God because of it, I can happily say that, while the Christian bashing is a bit much, the right-wing preachy stereotypes that were presented in "Easy A" do in fact exist. Like all stereotypes, it ain't a stereotype unless there's some truth to it. The hell I got from my high school's pro-life group alone was enough to justify the stereotype. I was a rarity in that school. Most of the kids came from well off, upper middle class, devout Catholic families. Whereas my parents were the minority. Middle class, hard working, and pretty passive about the religion stuff. Naturally, I gravitate towards the left-center of the political spectrum, and when I mentioned off-hand that I supported John Kerry in the 2004 election and that I was pro-choice, the hardcore devout Catholic Republicans that were the majority of the school had a field day with me, which like I said earlier, was one of the reasons why I gave up on religion, and thought that a life of questioning everything was much more fulfilling. If that was what religion wanted of me, I wanted no part of it. Maybe that should have been apart of the movie. Girl rejects religion because of dogmatic harassment. That would've been somewhat original. They kinda went there already with "Saved!", but not quite. Either way, no matter what, stereotypes always have some level of truth to them.

Deacon Duncan (aka Dumplin Dumbass) hasn't improved since I trashed him:

Dunno...some of what Nick’s saying smacks of a Leprechology smokescreen as explained by Dawkins. Throw big-sounding philosophical terms at a layman’s objection to make it go away.

His groupie pboyfloyd's that way too:

“The idea was that...a man could choose either to obey the Law of Nature or to disobey it.” – C.S.Lewis

What do you mean by implying that just ‘cos a person writes that in his book, that he really means that?? Obviously he’s saying that if that’s what floats your boat, that’ cool. Right?

Anonymous Facebooker says:

Well the one thing that all religion shares is the ability to rationalize the horrors that people will inflict on others. Islam condemns anyone that isn't part of their group. Christianity has "forgiveness". Kill someone? Eh no biggie just ...apologize to the big man and you are all good.

Religion, all of them are founded on fear. Plain and simple. Satan is going to get you and you will burn in a lake of fire (misunderstood / misinterpreted translation by the way). It is the same idea we use on small children. If you aren't good then Santa won't bring you any presents. Everything comes back to fear and control.

Religion is outdated, has been for oh I don't know a thousand years. It does help people in some ways. Makes them feel better about themselves. Makes them think that they will go on forever in a happy place, when in fact your corpse will sit in a box and decompose over the years. Fact is you are no more important than a dog, cat, etc... you are part of the food chain.

Religion will be the end of humanity, it is a self fulfilling prophecy. Funny, we will all be killed off by a figment of our collective imagination.

little_monkey is warming up for Diamond (again -- hint) with this Platinum excess:

I guess you must have a pipeline to God's mind. Now if he could appear as a 500 feet image in the sky simultaneously around the globe, cure 10 million cancer patients overnight, displaced the Rockies to the middle of the Sahara desert, and show without a doubt that he alone can suspend the laws of physics and dazzle us with his woowoo magic, then maybe he might just have a chance to convince me there is a God. But God, according to your perception, is just an imbecile. So I'll do without the village idiot.

Christopher31 tells us what the problem is:

Why do you think you were in sin to begin with? I mean, don't you have to accept that first premise before any of the rest of what you said can begin to make sense? That is, if I'm just trucking through my life irrespective of some ancient Hebrew mythology that says I somehow twisted God's knickers before I was born and had an option to be blameworthy, why would I give my time an effort to an agrarian god of war (Yahweh)?

Too much is assumed at the beginning of your reason to worship God: that you are a sinner, that sin exists, that God exists. Get behind all of that and tell me what you see, and is it worth worshipping? Do you feel somehow obligated to worship whatever is aback of some Mid-Eastern mythological construction about people getting on God's peevish side?

So does panda0434:

Ok, Atheism is not a religion. We KNOW there is know GOD. Atheism is about NO belief. We formed by evolution. Simple as that. It's stupid that some people can think that some dude got NAILED to a cross, and died, but some how managed to come back ALIVE and sneak past TWO guards? And every thing in the bible are just collected STORIES that people put together that seemed the MOST true. That does NOT mean it's true. In conclusion, I know that there is NO GOD.

Ed Babinski wins the Sanctimonious Jerk Award for putting Michael Behe's son's address on Facebook. (To be fair, he deleted it later.)

YouTube user "parallelsdumaurier" wins the Platnum make up stuff award:

You don't need to waste your time with the Atheism is the default position. It's already been proven. The creationist institute of Copenhagen made a study of one year old babies. They gave them three dolls to play with. A Christ doll, A Muhammad doll, and a Chimpanzee doll. The results showed that 92% of the babies chose the Chimp doll to give them comfort. What was even more amazing was that of the 8% that chose either the Christ or Muhammad doll, fully 82% of those were suffering from Down syndrome. It is now considered an effect test for mental impairment.

Salverda is the first nominee for TWeb n00b in 2011 (he seems to be an atheist, anyway).

The Christian and Theist Collection

Here's a YouTube comment that was funny, on why atheists make bad arguments:

Because he's not an atheist but a demon using a human. Is this not what atheism often is? The demon enjoys making fun of believers, so it enjoys making retarded comments and being a jackass in general. The irony here is that the demon through the person is not really atheist since they believe in god enough to attack him. If only the demon would come out, through the name and glory of the lamb, then that very atheist would have new eyes, and would not be called atheist anymore.

Also a good one to the Deeper Waters blog:

When I read your rant against your former church not funding your apologetics work, somehow I knew you painted to simplistic a picture of the situation. After all, any church could be accused of a misallocation of funds and not supporting its more destitute members. Now, I think it's clear why they didn't break out the checkbook. As if your hackneyed apologias for OT atrocities like Mosaic infanticide weren't enough (like those defenses weren't already available!), now you're writing movie reviews. If this is the work you wanted to be paid for, you should be ashamed of yourself. I've seen nothing so far in your work that hasn't been well covered in other sources by more professional apologists... and movie reviewers.

YouTube user MobileThinker shows his thoughts are indeed mobile -- they're outside his head:

have you ever heard the story of the Martyrs or the Aryans? two of the most influential early christian groups that were eradicated because their beliefs differed slightly from what is now orthodoxy. these two groups were completely destroyed by mainstream christians who were supported by Constantine. now, why would the Council of Nicaea not remove their beliefs from the books of the bible, as well as any and all references to them?

Geocentrist johnmartin explains:

This means, when using the center of mass concept as used in Newtonian physics, in the worst case scenario when the sun and planets align, the center of mass of the universe does not move outside the earth. Therefore, if Newton’s physics is valid, only a geostationary universe is valid.

Plantasm, on mental health:

I think pharaohs magicians didn't do the things it says they did. I don't think they could turn inanimate objects into snakes or water into blood or anything like that. I think it makes for good drama and exciting storytelling, which was very important back in the day. It still is, but we're smarter and more sophisticated now and don't need to believe in fairy tales and magic to cope with life.

The more mature christians realize that these events didn't take place, even many of the events that the gospels describe. The important bit is to just love your neighbor as yourself, and not strain your cognition to believe silly stories. Those are the healthiest and coolest Christians I ever met.

Guy named Curt posted this on a reader's Facebook page:

See, this is the situation, which makes we wonder uncontrollably- it's very vexing. Through many sources, Dr. Watts included, as well as other persons like Rowan Williams and Philip Newell and Christian Philosophies, namely Celtic, this pervading reality comes to light- We're not Sinners, and Jesus didn't come to just wash us clean- he came to fill us with life- this life is the real fundamental nature of humanity. You know, the 'The Glory of God is man fully alive!' I relay the concepts of image in the temple being an example of what God wishes to do with us- and I don't think it stops at the pagan, the truth is, it begins in the womb- where fluids combine, fluids feed, fluids wash a developing child into a living organism resembling the Living God. It's fed on blood and amniotic fluids, everything the mother eats, and hormonal baths, and the voice of God, the language of DNA, speaks into it an identity, and then, relationship and history form it into a person. And this is true about being born again, Jesus becomes a paste to graft onto our damages, he pours out his blood to wash us in preparation to receive airborne fire, and he gives the lozenge of his own body, so that everything of his nature, the nature we were always meant to have, the one that is real, the one that is native to us- the one that is a nature at all- since sin is no nature at all, but a condition a construct, and a state of maddening absence. And the only way to receive this life, the real nature, the one which, gave itself to us before the world was made, is to meet God, and made a choice- do you want the kiss- not the dementor's kiss, that took this one away, but the balancing, restoring kiss of the Regenerator, tongue an all. Without that meeting, nothing is going on and nothing ever will.

And this is the answer I get- these thoughts are non traditional, unorthodox, and completely esoteric- in otherwords, the entire message of the gospel, is responded to as supreme heresy. But what else can be said, these are the words of eternal life, the truth... maybe it's my communication that is the problem, but up to this point, everyone here participating seems to be following along.

So this is the query, As Rikk has pointed out, it doesn't seem like the Spirit, if able, is really willing to pull out and cut and run at all on humanity- He is very much about never removing the purpose he comes to give, but it also seems like he is denied many opportunities to provide that purpose. So I am really really confused, how a church is getting on, if it is getting on, focusing on things that are only but a step, or really quite removed from the splendour of the truth.... so what is going on, what is the sickness, out side of 'basic symptoms' of sin- because the truth is rejected and avoided and locked away- I've spent thirteen years as a 'Christian', and had to wait till I was in it for ten of them before anyone talked about life and purpose and humanity. Why isn't it right there in the front of it- 'Come, I have come to give life!'? And why is it fought when it's brought out and dusted off?

And this Facebook user is off too:

Last night I asked Father to please wake me on mornings that the goal is to go to Curves; to remind me why I am getting up that extra hour earlier; and to please speak truth into the many doubts and fears that were looming. This morning not only was I awake early; but much earlier than the alarm. I stepped outside to watch the beautiful huge snowflakes fall; and quietly I am sure I heard "see daughter, you are unique just like them".

As I drove to Curves, I began to write "the nightmare". I know that you know exactly what I mean. This is when we walk out a situation with the very worst ending possible. In fact, by the time I got to Curves I had envisioned a machine I was working on breaking down and then me dying from a heartattack ( I know, how pathetic is that). The only good thing that came from that, was the ending could only have gotten better from what I had imagined :)

I was scared to step on the scale, it had been since the end of October since I last did; and while I was getting on the scale, Father gently poked me to go ahead and get measured as well. I sucked in my breath and whispered to the lovely staff member, "would you mind taking the time to do a measure?". The little girl of a whole size 4 gladly agreed and there I went, ready to die of humiliation. After it was all said and done, I looked at the chart from October and surprisingly I saw that I had lost inches and 4 pounds. Well, what was all hat fretting about?

I whispered a thank you to Jesus, and as I began the warm up stretches, He whispered back, "what if you would have gained 4lbs since last time, would you still be thanking me for being part of this? Would you still be willing to post the results on the blog?" I promised to be transparent, but yes, He is right. It is way easier to be honest when the results are what we had hoped for; (and there is now shame linked to those results).

Da Blonde, on calling homosexuality a "lifestyle":

The use of the term "lifestyle" to denigrate another's capacity to love is most unfortunate.

A person can believe, illogically and with scant evidence, that to be LGBT is immoral; but if one takes that a step further and opposes LGBT civil rights, same gender marriage, etc., then one is revealed as a homophobe by that policy advocacy, not by the person's ethical/moral beliefs.

Since gender is a social construct, the trandsgender's perception of his or her own gender is the only correct one.

Mormon jo has the latest in epistemology:

The Trinity is NOT a part of the Good News. You are mistaken to believe that you can prove that Jesus and the Father are the same God. There is no worldly way that we can prove any of our beliefs about God. While we are in the flesh we walk in faith; not proof. We can know that Jesus is the Christ ONLY through the witness and power of the Holy Spirit; yet we cannot prove this knowledge. We can only know spiritual things spiritually.

shunydragon's head is still empty:

The Bible was compiled edited and translated into Latin by the Romans. I actually believe there is a genuine spiritual message in the whole Bible, doctrinal beliefs have caused skisms and divisions among human interpretations.

'To say yes and no is to be immobile on two feet.' Bahagvagetta

The claim to be God results in a Paulist roman interpretation of scripture. I believe it is enough to say that he denied this clearly in the gospels. What is described in the bible is close personal relationship of the Messiah, the Word of God and God. It would be same for Moses.

I could never put that much faith in any one ancient scripture, whether the Bible, Buddhist, Vedic or whatever. Clinging mindlessly to any one creates endless problems for humanity. -- first Skeptical website Platinum nominee of 2011 (to PressTV) -- book screwball

Harold Camping is the first Platinum Famous Christian nominee of 2011, for predicting the end...again.

To PZ Myers:,7340,L-4006385,00.html (to the UK)

First famous atheist Platinum nominee of 2011 is David Silverman (the pretentious jughead who's president of American Atheists) for his whinefest about how Alabama governor Robert Bentley is a bigot who "pushes his beliefs on people who differ from his faith." Silverman's American Atheists organization erects large anti-Christian billboards in public view for all to see. It's clear that he's--what's it called?--"pushing his beliefs on people who differ from his faith."

Skeptic E-Mail

A nutter and I had a long convo about seeds "dying" (aposthnesko) in the Bible. When I told him to check the Greek, he said:

So the 'God' that is responsible for this item in His "Holy" book knew all about that Koine Greek, or the semantic range of aposthnesko? And that 'God' expected his obedient followers also to understand what you're saying? Even my BA from Berkeley wouldn't have prepared me to read the Bible you're telling me about.

John Loftus

Why Do My Arguments Not Convince Devout Believers?

I merely offer up good arguments against their faith. That's all I can do. Devout believers (my target audience) won't seriously consider them until such time as they have some sort of crisis in their lives that cannot be adequately explained by a good God. They'll seriously consider them at that time. My arguments are like seeds of doubt ready to sprout if and when they experience that crisis. Since many believers do experience some kind of crisis in their lives there will be a certain percentage of believers who, having been previously exposed to my arguments, will leave their faith at that time. It's a waiting game.

If we read this at face value, Loftus is essentially saying that his arguments are most persuasive when people are in a state of mind that is not calm and rational.

Christian Website

Oingo wins for Christian statement:

No you dont understand, there are no arguements only facts. People who argue are people who try to convince themselves they are right.

Aplogetics ought to be destroyed, you wont see God apologising on Judgement day - as I recall the bible says peoples mouths AKA gobs will be stopped. The bible says people are without excuse for unbelief, when you argue you with them, you are giving them excuses and justifying their unbelief. The bible also says if they won't believe let them be anathema. So whats with all this "apologetic" with moronic fools in aid of?

Its well worth taking to a psuedo Christian with a knotted rope and clattering him about the head an face with it but it's not worth casting your pearls to swine.

Facts are very simple things and not open to apologetic (which is simply another word for people who like to argue, which for the most part IMO are people arguing because they are still not quite convinced themselves yet. If they where convinced, they wouldn't be arguing) just as scripture is not open to interpretation, With respect.

The field of pouring your heart and soul into an honest intellectual seeker is not called apologetics its called making deciples. A skeptic is intellectually immoral.

TWeb n00b


Famous Christian

Westboro Baptist, for various offensive and silly picketing activities

At Large

South American parents who killed themselves and their baby over fears of "global warming".

Famous Skeptic

Dan Barker, for:

An atheist organization is blasting the U.S. Postal Service for its plan to honor Mother Teresa with a commemorative stamp, saying it violates postal regulations against honoring "individuals whose principal achievements are associated with religious undertakings."

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is urging its supporters to boycott the stamp — and also to engage in a letter-writing campaign to spread the word about what it calls the "darker side" of Mother Teresa.

Christian E-Mail

God says “thou shall not kill”. Are you calling God a liar? This Murder thing that people like you repeat like parrots is nothing more than an excuse for killing. Murder is only one aspect of killing.

When folks like you say that God doesn’t know what He is talking about, that means you have exalted yourself above God. In other words you’re an antichrist because you are against Christ. It’s folks like you who deceive the world.

God’s commandments are cast in stone, never to be changed. When God says “thou shall not kill” that’s exactly what he means. There are no by laws or exceptions. All forms of killing are wrong even the killing of animals. Isa 66:3 says that “when a person kills an ox it’s the same thing as killing a man”.

All wars are wrong. All man slaughter is wrong. All animal killing is wrong. All forms of killing are wrong. There is no excuse for killing.

I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years now. That makes me living proof that killing and eating the flesh of dead animals is not required to sustain life. That also means you have no excuses when appear before God in the judgment. God’s original diet for man and still is fruits, grains, and nuts. There are no MacDonald’s’ in heaven because there is no killing there.

You need to turn to God before it’s too late for you!!!

At Large Individual

I entered into a discussion with a man on a facebook who created a poll asking “How bogus is Christianity?” I asked first “Why do you think Christianity is bogus?” Now..I thought this was a joke, but this guys started quoting, extensively, 19th century sources on religion...but he responded: “Firstly, the Bible record inaccurate history. Why doesn’t it mention Atlantis? Why not hyperborea? These were the first great human societies. Hyperborea invented writing for **** sake! Why doesn’t the Bible mention them?”

Me: Are you serious? Hyperborea and Atlantis? Where are the sources?

Next to a few obscure names from the 19th century, he quoted a page from (one of my favorite comics BTW) the Library Edition of Hellboy # 3!!!! Saying:

“look on page 124 where it quotes the famous spiritualist H.P. Blavatsky in the 1800’s. She wrote, through her spirit guide, that the Hyperboreans created the written word.”

Skeptic website -- tie between: Exposing Christianity The Bible: A Jewish Conspiracy

Special Platinum Awards

The Secular Web wins one for promoting this book:

On a 2001 trip to the cathedrals of Europe, anthropologist John Rush and his wife entered St. Mark's Basilica in Venice and encountered a mosaic depicting Jesus surrounded by mushrooms with an Amanita muscaria cap in his hand. Examining the space with new eyes, they discovered images of mushrooms and mind-altering plants all over the Basilica. Intrigued, Dr. Rush spent seven years researching and reflecting on the profound effects hallucinogens had on the founding of all three major Western religions. He concluded that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are political constructions evolving out of the use of not only Amanita muscaria, but a plethora of mind-altering substances.

Failed God: Fractured Myth in a Fragile World reexamines the scriptural stories of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as told in the Bible and Qur'an and reveals them as "concocted mythical charters stemming from drug-induced romps with the super-natural." Rush shows how mind-altering substances played an instrumental role in the birth and development of Western religions and explains how they contributed to reports of "prophetic" experiences, including angry and disturbing messages from the divine. With chapters on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Rush fully addresses the effects of mind-altering substances on each tradition, convincingly discrediting the idea that they stem from actual human interaction with the divine. He also shows how an intoxicated and over-zealous Apostle Paul corrupted Jesus's simple message of human decency, forming an oppressive religious system based on fear. In a thought-provoking conclusion, Rush asks how we can continue to attribute authority to traditions that were so clearly irrationally founded and incompatible with today's world. -- automatic Platinum Scum winner

TV show Platinum win for the History Channel's Ancient Aliens.

Special book award:

As an alternative / complimentary explanation to the Piso theory, the new book 'King Jesus' explains that Saul-Paul was Josephus Flavius the historian, and therefore Jesus was Jesus of Gamala, the leader of 600 'rebel fishermen'.

This does, of course, place the NT events in the late AD 60s, much like the Piso theory. And surprisingly, the NT and Talmud fully support that chronology. This book maintains that Jesus wanted to become Emperor of Rome, but was defeated by Vespasian and exiled to roman England - to the fortress Vespasian built at Chester.

YouTube Platinums

And now --- the 2010 Diamond Screwball Winner

Skeptic Statement


Logic led me into error, which proves my point, that logic leads into error.