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From the Mailbag

We have the first Christian E-Mail Platinum candidate of 2013:

No fear whatsoever that you might be nullifying the word of God? After all, most scholars believe that the Hebrew Bible taken in its historical context was, in the words of John Updike, "one more human volume, more curious and conglomerate than most, but the work of menĖof Jews in dirty sheepskins, rotten-toothed desert tribesmen with eyes rolled heavenward, men like flies on flypaper caught fast in a historic time, among the myths and conceptions belonging to the childhood of mankind."

It seems like special pleading to take the "historical context" which is compatible with orthodox Christianity, while selectively ignoring all the other "context" (such as pan-Babylonianism).

Keep in mind that no matter what you do, the atheists will always hate your guts. Hate hate hate. If they had love in them, they would know God, because God is love (1 John 4:8). Instead they love the world, and are filled with the depravity, goofiness, and nakedness of the world. The only way they will listen to you is if you throw everything out and become the abominations they are. This is why all atheists are gay, and all gays are atheists. God let them follow their own evil desires. Their women no longer wanted to have sex in a natural way, and they did things with each other that were not natural. Their men behaved in the same way. They stopped wanting to have sex with women and had strong desires for sex with other men.

The January 2013 John Loftus Collection

Here's a dumb bit from Loftus' crony Valerie Tarico:

Atheist Miscellany

Amazon loony John Grove says:

How can you say non-existence can do nothing when we have never examined "nothing" in the first place? How can you make any assessment of it? We have never examined "nothing". What we call "nothing" is in fact "something".

He also wins for continuing a bigoted tirade and its defense, as noted last month.

Omniskeptical shows why he was nominated for Platinum last year:

What is Orthodox about the Trinity dogma? I see any unorthodox 3-4 persons, if you divide the messiah into two; and the father needing the to forgive son to forgive what they or just he created.

YT fundy atheist Andrew Smith has figured out what to say to God when it all wraps up:

The unforgivable sin is failing to make yourself believe in something (which happens to be impossible). You cannot choose your beliefs.

The Pixie remains simple-minded, and gets the first Platinum nok of 2013 for Atheist Statement:

And there is the problem. On the one hand we have science which offers us no moral compass at all, on the other we have Christianity, which gives us any moral compass we want.

YT fundy atheist Gerry Graham has the second Platinum nom in that category:

All of the christian apologists are forgetting one fact Hitler, like all christians believed that god was with him...the same as you, the Westboro baptists, the child raping clergy or the gun toting, self rightious serial killer....doing it for god...whether you believe they are good christians or not doesnt matter. They think god is on their side and it justifies all their actions. No one ever killed in the name of atheism

YT fundy atheist Brian Hayek says:

LOL @ more (blank) u just typed. You said you don't see any switching when i clearly pointed out switching. Then u go off about it not being originally written in english so stop reading it like it was LAUGH OUT LOUD. At one point the bible says kill ur neighbor if he works on sunday and at another it says love ur neighbor ( even if he works on sunday ). I don't think much was lost in translation when someone is stoned to death for doing work on sundays. You make the dumbest arguments

Other Mixed Nuts

A Facebook commenter said:

Just had this hilarious thought that's sure to offend; Conservatives hate hand-outs, right? They believe in personal responsibilty, all that jazz. And lets say 90% of conservatives are religious (by my estimate). "God", and basically every religious organization out there, for that matter, gives out more hand-outs than any government ever could. "God give me strength", HA! Work to find strength within yourself, you lazy bum. Take some personal responsibilty and stop using your crutch.

YT fundy NoDarknessinChrist, on my vid on hell, and fire and darkness as metaphors for shame:

If you read the passages that you put out for fire in context, you would have gotten literal fire.

Kismetology on sex and drugs:

It's odd. For me they seem take draw me much closer to the Divine. Without them I'm just an egotistical jerk. Thoughts?

dan2222 finds reincarnation in the Bible:

Exodus 34:7 says we will pay for our sins for three lifetimes and blessings follow 1000.

And also says:

Elijah like Moses was removed as a Prophet by God because he lost his faith. With pride he said he was the last prophet, God told him He had 7,000 more. Then God replaced him. 1 Kings 19:1-18

Vivian continues the lunacy:

The Lake of Fire for those who desire God with all their heart soul and might is Mercy, bliss, burning away all that keeps us separate from God.

But, if we identify with things that are not like God, for example, treasures of this world that will decay and rust, then the experiencing of God will be 'hell' as all that we love, all that we are attached to, all that is not like God, burns around us. Actually such an experience causes the soul to fall unconscious it is so horrific. (If the impure soul were to remain conscious, the experience to them would be as described in Revelation.)

Given this understanding, the Lake of Fire is an intimate experience of God, when all things that are not like God are dissolved, destroyed. It is mercy for those who desire God with all their being, thus the soul able to draw near even join in unity. It is judgment for those whose desires are for the things of this world, the soul falling unconscious, only to arise in an afterlife state which will fulfill their desires - one of the 7 heavens, before incarnating again in this world, or perhaps another world.

She forgot to add that the Lake of Fire is a soothing bath for those with sore muscles. And, she says:

So each of us has been through quite a journey in the evolution of our individuation. And if we look around us, the evolution of consciousness is all around us, water, rock, plant, animal and finally human. We have lots going on here....And so I often joke: Evolved from apes! Wait till they hear we evolved from rock! Ha!

First Platinum book nom for 2013: Marian Hillar, for his recent book From Logos to Trinity: The Evolution of Religious Beliefs from Pythagoras to Tertullian.

Washington Post Express writer wins for comment:

A swimmer hoists a wooden cross after winning a race Sunday in the waters off Thessaloniki, Greece. The annual Orthodox event is held to bless the water in honor of Epiphany, the Christian holiday that marks the visit of the three wise men to the baby Jesus.

For those wondering, it's not a "race". -- Screwball to the pastor here, as well as news agencies who think this is worthy of a lot of coverage

2012 Platinum Screwball Award Winners

Famous Person

Jamie Foxx for referring to Obama as "our lord and savior".

Christian E-Mail

Every once in a while, and not often, I read something during a search that comes up. I am extremely skeptic of scholars since most of them only pervert the word of God when coming out with so called up to date easier to read bibles for dummies, when all the needed to do was just stick with an Authorized King James Version. If all you had was the word of God (Sola Scriptura), You would have every answer to every problem in life. Scholarship contributes nothing.

The article in which I read on your site, seems to explain the situation away. Uses one of the most corrupt texts that I know of, the LXX. And does not shed any light on the word of God or even give God the glory, but another scholar praising himself with his vast superior knowledge of mss. and Greek and Hebrew lexicons. I just stick with my AKJV. Itís written in 4th to 6th grade English. Well, at least most of the common folk were far more educated in the English language in the 1600ís. So much for evolution.

Back to the point: Just as Jesus was number with the transgressors Isa 53:12, when he was not a transgressor, Judas was numbered with the apostles even though he was not a real apostle. We know Judas is the son of perdition, II Thess. 2:3 and John 17:12.

Satan is always trying to take away the Glory of Jesus Christ, our Lord and God. That is why when Jesus Christ was hanging on the tree, (cross), Judas went and hung himself on the tree. Except, God the Father was not going to let Satan get the glory. All Glory goes to Jesus Christ. So God made an earthquake. The earthquake did a few things. It ripped the veil in twain. It also broke the branch on the tree, which the son of perdition, (Judas) hung himself on.

Since then, mankind is only saved by believing on Jesus Christ and confessing to him that he is a sinner and asks the Lord to come into their life, surrendering all to him and being washed in the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is nothing else for a man to do that will saved him. Itís faith and not works.

Hereís a foot note in my Bible from a man that has spent his lifetime winning souls to Jesus Christ by preaching, teaching and witnessing. And informing everyone about the modern day apostates who pervert the word of God with the modern day sales pitch on trying to sell easy to read, better to understand because your all dummies, bibles, based on corrupt Greek and Hebrew texts.

Quote: Again, see note on vs. 12, the apostate scholars have imagined a contradiction where none exists. Vss. 18-19 cf. Matt.27:5-8. Judas did indeed go out and hang himself Matt. 27:5, but when the earthquake of Matthew 27:51 hit, the limb on which he was hanging obviously broke, and his body fell, bursting open as it dashed against the rocks below. Judas obviously purchased a field by proxy Matt. 27:3-4cf. Matt 27:6-7. And while the chief priests may have called that field the field of blood because it was purchased with blood money Matt. 27:6-8, the townsfolk called it the field of blood because of what happened to Judas vs. 19. One of the problems with the scholars is that they have cloistered themselves in their studies and classroom for so long that they have lost touch with reality.

I will give you the note from vs. 12 also. This had to do with the Sabbathís day journey;

There is an apparent contradiction between the verse and Luke 24:50. A Sabbath dayís journey is considered to be seven and a half furlongs about 3,000 feet, according to Josephus. John 11:18 tells us that Bethany Luke 24:50 was fifteen furlongs a little over one and a half miles from Jerusalem, twice the distance of a legitimate Sabbath dayís journey. But, Luke 24:50 does not say that Jesus led the disciples to Bethany, but as far as to Bethany. The expression as far as to implies that Jesus did not go into the village, but simply within reach of its suburbs. According to Numbers 35:5, the suburbs of a city went out 3,000-3,500 feet from the city wall. Since Bethany was located on the mount of olives Luke 19:29, there is no contradiction between the Luke account of the ascension and the Acts account. Jesus and the disciples travelled a Sabbath dayís journey on the mount of olives, which brought them to the outer limits of the suburbs of Bethany.

Well, I am born again. I use a AKJV Bible. I attend an Local, independent, Bible Believing, Baptist Church. I am washed in the blood of Jesus.

Now, I know there are so many scholars who teach doctrine that have nothing to do with the Bible. Then there are some who do. But, I just wanted to share something with you and I am not a know it all, but I do know that Judas couldnít be hanging on that tree while Jesus was dying on the cross for the sins of the world and shedding His Blood for all who accept him to be cleansed from their sins. Amen!

That much I would like to get right. I donít care about what this Greek word meant or that Hebrew word meant. I know what my AKJV says. I think the scholars should start concentrating on what the English says. Amen!

At-Large E-Mail

I was doing research about Attis from ancient Greek mythology for personal knowledge and love of Greek mythology and I came across your websites article that was saying the complete opposite then what every other website was saying about this ancient Greek god without even knowing where and by whom your website was created by. As soon as I was halfway done reading, everything that was being said about Attis and the way it was talked about the ways of the Attis cult I was starting to be more and more suspicious of the article because to me it seemed that the article was trying to protect and conserve the Christian belief. Now, you have to understand that before I started to read your article I had no idea who or what your website was about until after I was done reading and became curious about the website that posted the article. To my no surprise I quickly learned that this website is run by religious group who is in war with the open minded and moderate world and who is trying desperately and vigorously to "preserve and protect" its faith in the new age of free thinkers. Lets face it this article is coming from a group whose history is filled with spilled innocent blood "in the name of god" who in old age killed anyone who tried to be a free thinker. Christianity, if we look at history, tells us that anyone who thought and believed the earth was round was executed by the church because in that time earth was believed to be flat. Also people were executed who were into science, mathematics and most importantly who were free thinkers and were open minded, people who opened their eyes to other possibilities. In order to fight against this threat the church came out with a book called Witches Hammer that proclaimed any free thinker, mathematician, anyone practicing science, anyone that believed basically in the world to be the works of a devil and or evil was executed. It is believed that just this book over the span of 300 years was responsible for extermination of no less then 6 million people. History also might tell us that church was also responsible in destruction of the Mayan civilization who were proclaimed to be works of the devil and were aggressively converted to Christianity. Your church just like every other religion has innocent blood on its hands and just like everyone else cannot run away from its dark and painful history. This article was nothing more then biased and hypocritical opinion that comes from a hypocritical aggressive group who will do anything to preserve its falls belief. This letter comes from an individual who is open minded and a free thinker and not possessed by any type of religion whose god are the people and all other living things and praises the universe and the power of all things we still do not understand. Thank you for your time.

John Loftus

For begging for money, like this:

Having just heard from my publisher that they want me to submit a proposal for a full length book treatment on The Outsider Test for Faith, I have commenced working on it. So this blog may be silent for days at a time as I write it. Stay tuned though. I'll be around. Subscribe by email, Feed, or become a follower so you don't miss a thing. I know people get tired of me requesting financial assistance, but as I work on this book I'm not focused on earning a living, so please consider supporting my efforts. Christian professors get paid to do what I must do as an independent scholar.

At-Large Website

Skeptic Website

TWeb veteran

Split between franktalk, jo, and Tiggy

Christian website

Skeptic E-Mail

You asked why anyone would put any credence in [Lloyd M. Graham's] book. I have a very simple answer for you. As ridiculous as some of his assertions seem to be, they make more sense than the thousands of ridiculous assertions Christians believe that are written in the bible by ignorant Bronze Age idiots who didn't even have as much knowledge of science fact as a 5th grader does today. We are to believe that this monstrously incorrect and conflicting culling of some of the most outrageously ignorant rantings and falsehoods is actually either the word of god or inspired by god.

Calling yourselves Christian Apologists is more than appropriate since you should be apologizing for that total affront to intelligence that your faith has inflicted on humanity. I have studied the bible for over 40 years of my life. So, I have a question for you before there could even be the hope of a beginning for a debate on the subject. Which of the dozen or so of the most accepted translations, of the more than a thousand iterations, culled together from the ancient Hebrew and three other languages that the Old Testament was written in, and the original Greek that most of the New Testament was written in, do you accept as being 'the word of god'?

I'd really like to know, since the differences are almost astronomical in the meaning of hundreds of the most critical passages.

Honestly, the religious of the world are the most delusional people I know. If it weren't for the fact that people indoctrinate their children into that crap from the time their heads are soft, logic, science and reason would have caused it to die out long ago. How about just starting with the fact that, other than anecdotal hearsay, there is absolutely no historical evidence that a man called Jesus ever existed, let alone walked around the middle east performing miracles, dying and ascending 'up' to heaven. The only reason the mythological story says that is because ignorant people back then thought heaven was 'up' and hell was 'down'. Today we know that up is just going out into space and quite frankly, hell is an invention to control people's behavior, the same as religion. If you have any education at all, then read this. I have found absolutely no errors in any of the facts asserted here. David Fitzgerald's book, that this is a summary of, is called 'Nailed'.

Famous Skeptic

Richard Dawkins:

Those people who think sexual abuse is a black-or-white, all-or-none category are incapable of clear, logical thought.

Famous Christian

Christian Statement

Matt Singleton:

I think Geisler accidentally stumbled onto the tip of the iceberg. The entire apocalyptic genre is a farce! It is equating false prophecy with real prophecy. It is transforming the text into a form of myth. Myth being fiction can not be the genre of the Bible because the bible is neither false, nor the product of man's imagination

TWeb noob


Skeptic Statement

TWeb member Whag, for using the CT shootings as reason to promote his arguments against the Bible.

Misc. Statement

Jo: Peter, James and John were necromancers. Jesus was also a necromancer.


Tim Tebow targeted by cheating website

Special Awards

Amazon atheist G. Monk Stanley wins the Sanctimonious Jerk Award, a special Platinum, as he said to AP: Shouldn't you be taking your autism medication? You and your wife have autism, correct? Maybe praying to your imaginary friend will take the autism away

Book awards:

Zondervan's "Playful Puppies Bible"

Rachel Evans, Year of Biblical Womanhood

Does This Church Make Me Look Fat?

Diamond Screwball Winner: Richard Dawkins.