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From the Mailbag

I haven't had a dense one like this in a while:

I like how some of the links to rebuttals of's contradictions of the bible are unavailable. There is the rebuttal of David's census being inspired by both God and Satan, that link is mysteriously down. But there is also the explainations of things like Lot sleeping with his daughters and the answer is basically " He was drunk,OOPS! Then there is the rebuttal for John 7:2-10, which curiously you only list verses 8-10 and not verse 4 which says "For nobody does anything in secret while himself seeking to be known publicly, If you do these things manifest yourself to the world." The answer to those verses anyway was basically in some places it is honorable to lie, Jesus is above us mortals anyway and a few other obfuscations. Of course if Jesus is above mere mortals then why would he follow their way of looking at honor and lying anyway, also the verses uses verses about how lying use equated to evil and so forth. Personally I would like someone to explain to me why in NUM 31:17-18 it tells(and I'm summarizing) to kill all the little ones among the males and keep for yourselves all the little ones among the women who how not yet lay with a man. There is also EX 21:1-7 in which Hebrew slaves with their wives and children go free on the seventh year BUT!!!! if the master gave them to him not so much. Then there is the verse at the the end on verse seven which says " If I man should sell his daughter as a slave girl, she will not go out the way in the way that the slave men go out." And all this from a perfectly loving, all knowing God.

For balance, here's a nutjobber worth a look:

I hereby declare you to be an unlawful. I order all your web activity to immediately cease. I repeat, to immediately cease. It is not in accord with the ordinances of Canon Law. Due to your catalytic tendency of disseminating objectives adverse to Christendom, you are therefore ordered to discontinue your illegal profession. Failure to do so will result in proactive, responsive, and co-active measures. I judge, adjudge, adjudicate, deem, determine and declare your thoughts, words, actions, public or secret, and omissions, biological and spiritual property, subject to the Jurisdiction of the Unfathomable, Infinite, and Ineffable Excellence of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. Further, your humanist anachronism, obscurantism, absurdum, intent, mission, and schemes, are henceforth proscribed and condemned.

The definition of pharmaceutical medicine is giving patients sub-lethal dosages of toxic chemicals. In other words, giving a person something just under what would kill them. In the Physicians Desk Reference 150 pages talk about the good things drugs can do, the other 2,850 pages talk about the negative effects. The FDA says a drug has to have side effects or it can't be a drug. That is because there is a revolving door between FDA officials and the drug companies for which they later go to work for. And since the chemical medical industry uses the waste products of the petrochemical industry, to turn it into "medicine," its crucial to the corrupt monied interests to maintain their monopoly over what "official" medicine is. A lot of people are dying because they do not try to balance out the cumulative side effects of the drugs (and processed foods) they take. They fail to take crucial nutrients into their systems. All because of the corrupt and nearly overpowering reach of the corrupt interests.

P.S. By the way, the shadow government will be bombing the Olympics with nuclear weaponry and then blame Iran in order to enter WWIII. This will happen during the closing ceremony of the Olympics (Aug. 12). False Flag attacks are the consequences for the separation of the Church from the state. The gullible masses richly deserve it.

The July 2012 John Loftus Collection

Nothing this time. Sadly for the Screwballs, John has withdrawn from frequent writing from his blog. That's one way to keep from getting nominated.

The Skeptic Collection

Lazy Agnostic aka Jeff Leroy aka Tommy Lynch aka JPTill wins for having another identity exposed: SarahB on TWeb.

YT user GhostManAdventures, who is only 16 and knows it all:

People can believe in whatever they want. Even if its not your cristian god. You know what really made me become an atheist. Your god was thought of AFTER most other gods. We call greek gods and islamic gods fake but they were the EXACT same thing your god is. People just though of your god AFTER. Religion is good because it teaches people how to act good HOWEVER, you do not need a fake being to tell you how to act.

YT user HonestTechnoAtheist goes for appalling stupidity as his hobby:

For the contradiction about god being weary vs. not being weary, you can't say that he was being sarcastic, because then that would mean that god is a liar. The very act of being sarcastic means telling an untruthful statement. Also, how do you know that god WASN'T being sarcastic when it said that he never gets tired? After all lots of people boast that they never get tired.

Sarcasm involves making a statement that isn't true. And making a statement that isn't true is not telling a false one, and telling a false statement is telling a lie. It may not be a direct one, but an indirect lie, is still a lie. Just as indirectly spending money on something, is still spending money on it.

I can show you what the bible says, because you believe in it. It doesn't matter if I do or not. God being angry contradicts him being a perfect being. Since anger is a negative trait, then he cannot be the perfect being. And remember that there is no power equal to, or above him, which requires that he be the perfect being.

And LightninLew earns the Neanderthal Jackass Trophy:

Are you kidding? He asked her and she said no. That's not sexual harassment, even Iif he said "do you want sex?" that would not be sexual harassment. He was asking for consent and gave up then she massively overreacted. If asking someone back to your room was against the law don't you think the human race would have ground to a halt as soon as rooms were invented?

YT atheist star DarkMatter2525 wins for his vain attempts to get around his racist designation of the Hebrews as "desert people" -- especially after wrong identifying the coastal plain around Mt. Carmel as a desert. His drone mikesnavy wins for thinking something DM put in his vid on Elijah -- the priests of Baal acknowledging God won -- happened in the Bible. And his drone Robert165 wins for this comment:

Refering to people who lived over 4000 years ago as being ignorant desert people is not racist

His fan emptywithoutbrain also wins:

A debate is a competition between 2 sides aming to win. Football and chess have the same components and each side are competing to challange each other to see who can come out in top. So yes chess and football do to some extent act as a debate.

QuestionAllThe Things gives us an intro to his Egocentric Rules of Evidence:

There is no other evidence besides scientific evidence. If you have evidence that is not scientific, then it is not evidence and can be dismissed. Sorry, but those are the rules. We use them in every other subject of discourse. God doesn't get an free pass.

If your god wants me to believe in him, he knows exactly what kind of evidence I require. If he won't give me that evidence, then he doesn't want me to believe. If he doesn't want me to believe, then why should I care?

TheRazz1717 speaks for himself:

A quidk wiki search would show you:

The eight-year-old Hitler took singing lessons, sang in the church choir, and even entertained thoughts of becoming a priest.

Now I know you will say, "He was not a true christian." Just like you say about Ted Haggard, Jim Bakker, etc. But, the fact they say that they are a christian is good enough for me. Read Mein Kaump. Hitler espoused his love and dedication to god. Remember, he was catholics and they think the jews killed jesus, thus the hatred.

YT user FullMetalAlcohol makes responding to arguments easier on him:

Why would you, someone who believes in a magic sky-pixie, deserve an intelligent or relevant response?

DrAnonPony, seeking problems in the Bible, says:

you mean like how the New Testament was written 500 years after Jesus was supposed to have lived, and how the Bible is full of gross inaccuracies and geographical errors and has ridiculous stories like you can't eat shelfish, eat meat on Fridays, should be stoned to death for planting two different crops in one field, and that one man managed to fit every living animal onto a boat for 40 days, and repopulated the Earth within 100 years of the Egyptian Empire existing?

The Confused Believer Collection

Award to Cris Putnam of LogosApologia, for thinking Matt 24 and Luke 21 ae different discourses (in the service of hackneyed fundamentalist-dispensational eisegesis) and for taking part in a wacky conspiracy-theory end times publication that sees "the end" starting this year, and for saying:

I think Jesus meant what he said and the text is meant to be factually accurate. Either AD 70 was the greatest tribulation in all of history or it is in error, simply asserting a literary hyperbole is still admitting the text is in error.

There's marked difference between studying the Bible itself and studying the opinions of scholars. You need to do both but I think the former bears more fruit. I don't think many preterists have ever compared the texts carefully at face value. When I told my pastor many people thought Luke 21 and Matthew 24 were the same teaching he replied, "You're kidding right?"

Here's new New Age Nut goldie08:

First of all, I do not accept the notion of sin or evil or punishment or substitutes for atonement of the elect et al, but that is subject for another discussion. For now we can sort through the question of how does one man save more than one man. The answer is simple enough when seen from the proper perspective.

To begin with, "What is God?" We can accept that God is EVERYTHING, All Knowledge, Wisdom, and Love, Everpresent -- known as the Divine Presence, or Universal Intelligence, or Cosmic Consciousness. The Bible states, "We live and move and have our being in Him" which means we live in this sea of consciousness which some call God; whichever name is used does not change the fact.

God created man in His own image and likeness, which includes you and me, and that image is perfect because God IS perfection. Our centre of awareness is defined as the soul-mind, this divine spark within us. God is the Cosmic Consciousness and is being expressed through mankind as individualized consciousness, also known as Spirit, or the Christ Mind. Hence every babe that is born into this world is an expression of the divine Source, for it is God Who is living in His Creation.

It is the Christ Mind within each and everyone of us that will guide us and become realized as our true state of being. Remember, it is your soul that has a body, not your body that has a soul. Therefore, the Christ Mind - the higher Self - is what transforms mankind. The Master Jesus is a representative of the Christ Consciousness - a fully realized soul - and he spoke from the Christ centre, not merely as a man.

"Behold the Kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17, v 21)

"Ye are Gods" (Psalm 82, v 6, and John 10, v 34)

Hope this helps.

John Brey says:

The name of this thread notwithstanding, any number of times Iíve implied that Cain, like his father, was the first homosexual. The thread has only recently diverged into the discussion of Genesis 4:1. Iíve said numerous times that the text claims that Cain sodomized Abel before he killed him. Eve took the sexual fruit from the serpent and then offered it to Adam, and he too partook of it. Eve got pregnant with Cain. And Adam acquired the poison of the serpent which he spreads to all of his offspring thereafter. Original sin is an AIDís type virus Adam acquired from the serpent and spread to everyone of his offspring since original sin spreads through phallic intercourse.

Only two men in the scripture were born without phallic intercourse, Abel and Jesus of Nazareth.

Livelystone, on exegesis:

Can you show me one Scripture where it says to keep everything in context? No, you cannot and to keep in contact [he misspelled context here] all the time means that you are failing to rightly divide the word.

Keeping in contents [should be "context" again] is good for high school kids and seminary students. but as the Scripture says those who learn knowledge must do so comparing spiritual things with spiritual things, line upon line, precept upon precept, here little and there a little as God spoke through his prophets and the law over the time span of many centuries.

Suggest you start learning obedience to God on how he would have you to learn the truth of the Scriptures and not applying some methods suitable for learning the things of the world to God's Holy Scriptures.

Satan is the prince in power of the air and "keep it in context" is one of his ways for keeping the church confused.

This, from a wacko website:

Another thing that's always driven me crazy about Chick-fil-A is that the cows that they have taken it upon themselves to position as bad spellers are actually dairy cows. This long-running campaign's obvious goal is to dissuade customers from beef by having photogenic cattle sell out their fowl friends. But these are not the kind of cows that are threatened on the carnivorous level. And since Chick-fil-A does serve milk, the above-pictured trio's interests are still affected by the company's habits.

And what's with the intentional misspelling anyway? We can personify the animal, so long as we retain dominance? What we can't have those (dairy) cows getting so high and mighty, since we need to feel okay eating them too?

Screwball to the group "Catholics for Choice" for their full-spread ad in today's Washington Post Express (for the 19th International AIDS Conference going on this week). First page has the text "Abstinence has a high failure rate" and "Good Catholics Use Condoms". Second page has pics of couples with the words "We believe in God" "We believe that sex is sacred" "We believe in caring for each other" (pic of gay couple) "We believe in using condoms".