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The July 2013 John Loftus Collection

John just gets an award for replying at The other atheists win too.

The Skeptic Collection

YT fundy atheist PrinceofPlease has a low bar for discussion -- and a self-centered idea of what YT is for:

I don't mind that there are some people who moderate comments. I don't mind that there are those who are a little trigger-happy when blocking people on Youtube I do, however, mind when someone does these things while claiming to be "scholarly" or advocates of free speech and honest, intellectual discussion. Despite Holding's claims, his videos aren't a "special library". This is Youtube, where you post your claims, then prepare to have them criticized. To do otherwise is intellectual dishonesty.

ToastyMcGrath wantonly raises the bar as he sees fit:

Poetic and vague. Find me where the bible discusses atomic numbers and then you may have a leg to stand on.

hardlyalive from DeviantArt seals our fate:

so... you're saying that you shouldn't take the bible as face value? isn't that... what you call it? heresy and blasphemy? well i guess you'll be going to Hell then :)

The Confused Believer Collection

How nutty is Nathan Ethan?

I have studied the works of "scholars" regarding the beasts of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13, and they are wrong. We cannot take what is written and apply symbolism to it. This is "eisegesis" and is simply reading into the text what you think it may mean or "symbolize". Christ encouraged us to have the faith of little children. I know it is difficult, but I encourage you to try a literal approach to prophecy.

Those beasts in Daniel 7 are literal creatures, as are the ones in Revelation. For the most part, they are not symbolic of anything.

Evidence? firstfloor says we don't need no stinkin' evidence:

In that case you cannot call it faith because faith is belief in the absence of evidence. Faith is a spiritual conviction. If you rely on evidence, even if your evidence is misconceived, you are not a faithful Christian - you are like the guy who poked his finger into the wound. BTW, why, in your opinion, does the empty tomb prove the resurrection?

cupidave has some new ideas about Bible history:

This paradox only makes sense if we will entertain the reasonable argument that Moses, while sitting for years on a high clear mountain top, watching a sheep herd, saw Uranus, a never before and unseen God among the other seven planets/Gods.

This scientific evidence would explain how Moses opposed Pharaoh and all his wise men, and changed Egypt into a short era of monotheism that was erased from history by Pharaohs who followed after Moses had fled.

The failure here to entertain either this possibility is rather telling, that Jesus had discovered Hypnosis at the same time as his NDE when baptized by John brought on the transfiguration, and the Spirit of Elijah returning as evidenced by dozens of correspondences between the Gospels and 1Kings.

I must remind the readers here that Christ himself is the Truth, and avoiding these rather factual and scriptural details because they go against private interpretations is not Christian.

That is my point, that Hebrew was a dead language, and the Jewish Bibles had ling been translations for Aramaic Targums and LXX ever since 200BC. By the time of the Massorates, the Dead Sea discovery in 1947 was the only Hebrew Bible that one could compare with either the Christian translations into the Latin Vulgate or the Greek LXX.

I see no authority for these Jews in 1100AD making and fresh translations back into Hebrew solely on their own authority. As this chart shows, the real authority is the LXX, the ONLY Old Testament bible we have and have had for the Christians and the Jews until 1947 and the discovery at the Dead Sea.

firstfloor has a persecution complex:

I have had the odd post edited out by the moderator for blasphemy. It does not really matter to me if a boundary for good taste is set and applied but I do object to the use of the word blasphemy. The reason is quite simple: blasphemy is a weapon of oppression. If you use it, you justify other’s use of it too. People of good will must stand together to rid the world of this oppression. No one stood up to the bullies when the Danish cartoons were published because we are oppressed by this word. I would urge everyone here to never use that word again on this site and to never tolerate its use by other people. Blasphemy is a word that makes people tremble in fear but it should make them very angry.


I wish you would moderate your use of the word “troll” when discussing my most humble and unworthy opinions. It is a pejorative term similar in some of its usage to the now obsolete ‘N’ word for black people.

Chris Gibson, after being shown my material:

As for the video, despite being a biblical student, I saw the word 'Apologetics' and kind of ignored it. I have a sever case of Bigwordsboremealitis... I'll have a watch, but I can't guarentee a positive response.

I know what it means, but simply put, I think the faith stands for itself. As a great friend of mine said. If we et the lion out of the cage, it will defend itself. the moment God needs me to defend him, there is something seriously wrong. The problem with apologetics is that it becomes a stalemate between two people. Since we can scientifically prove neither that there is or isnt a God has no point in arguing. The best way is to allow opportunities for them to encounter God. and that can only be done through a relational approach from friends.

On an article about somebody arrested for groping a woman on a gurney at a hospital, somebody wrote: "I don't think it's fair to pass judgement here until we see just how hot this woman is...." And got 49 thumbs up for their comment. -- Platinum nom.