It seems everyone is happy about our setup last time, so as before, this is only emails, Gold, and Website awards. For the full list see our TheologyWeb thread here. Even so it's been a slow month, so I guess most of the Screwballs are on summer vacation.

From the Mailbag

A supporter of the copycat thesis had these important words for us thoroughly refuting our entire pagan copycat series:

to see you ignorantly try to say buddha krishna mithra osiris and etc stories have nothing to do with "jesus" and that "jesus" is unique is laughable. its funny when christians try to argue facts.

here's another fact for you to try to dispute, the bible is astrology based the same old story of the zodiac

I just love these thorugh, heavily-documented refutations, don't you?

Meanwhile, the League of Put Upon Persons had this to say:

Honestly I don't go looking for your site, but like some ignorant owners who allow their dogs to **** on the side-walk, sometimes you can't help treading in it. There is no particular review that you have burdened us with that I will comment about as all and any exploration of your beloved Christianism in met with the same intellectual rejection that you are so good at. You have perfected the art of exaggeration, belittlement and religious snobbery. Apparently (to you at least) your superior knowledge of Christian Truth always outweighs the investigation by others of the mythology that you claim is fact. Muttering to yourself 'The world is flat, the world is flat, the world is flat" over and over a thousand times you lunge forward in demeaning tirades like a crazed dog ready to ripe to shreds anyone who dares rock your pitiful world belief. It is not your faith that is the problem but the offhanded and slimy way you dismiss any opinion that does not support your religious equivalent of a flat world.

It is amazing that someone who has gathered an infinite amount of information, facts and education, fundamentally has no intelligence. Your website is an outlet for a frustrated, egocentric "Wana-be". An underachiever whose limp erection is only satisfied by demonizing others. No wonder the heading is "apologetics"; that is exactly what you should do, apologise for your childish behaviour.

Buddy, everyone has the right to be an ***** now and then, but you have abused that right. Pitiful, truly pitiful.

I love these guys who say nothing in so many words! Told of their Screwball Award, this one added:

Yes, that is what I expected from a retard like you. You have a very troubling psyche that anyone with a basic understanding of the human animal can see. Rather than entertaining the possibility or chance that there could be a different interpretation to your beloved dogma you arrogantly dismiss everyone with a different opinion than you. When you couple this defect with your lack of understanding, lake of sympathy, caring and emotion, it becomes crystal clear that the only motivation that you have comes directly from your inflamed ego. All of this is then compounded with a super infantile nerdiness to play pranks like placing two fried eggs on someone's face or lashing out with an ever so hurtful "You win the screwball award!" Wow, the cutting edge of humour. How many years in the "Witt, repartee and reply" class did you attend? Yes pitiful.
You are a danger to intelligence, which you lack. What gives you the right to criticize others who differ from you, when YOUR fundamental belief is that some fearful dude created the entitle Universe in six days? I am referring to the known Universe that is 15 million light-years wide. Your Christian Cult embraces wizards, magic and the occult. Actors rising from the dead, walking on water and doing party trick with loaves of bread and a can of Tuna. The reason that the Christian Cult is so popular is that it has been enforced using the tools of rape, threat and murder. That's like telling me you are a member of the Nazi party but have the best interests of Jews at heart.
It is time that you and other extremist nuts are shouted down. Time that your hate filled religion is exposed for the fraudulent bull*** that it is. It is you who are the screwball, not I as I do NOT claim to have all the answers. But remove your precious dogma and you would cave in to a pile of dust.
Look, just because you don't GET IT, does not mean that there isn't a separate reality. You can go through your life being totally ignorant, irrespective of the fact that you are well educated. Facts in a vacuum are redundant and so is information. You base your entire "self" on a myth that you have to hang onto because you are too **** scared to even entertain another reality. It is so blatantly obvious that you identify with the "Christian Authority" that you have developed. In other words you are the illusion that you have created. You are flattered that people look up to you, that you are a learned scholar of Christianism and the most enjoyable thing is that you can and do ridicule and belittle others. That is 100% EGO driven. Hagee, Falwell and many others are the same. The limelight is the call because your overwhelming desire is to be a clever person. You are probably incapable of love, therefore substituting that lack with being egotistical and demeaning. You want to "humiliate" me and have a "laugh" at me? Why? Why would anyone who passes himself off as a scholar, a scholar of Christianity, which is supposed to be based on Love, take enjoyment from causing someone else pain?
You are a fraud. A pretender who uses the Christian religion as an excuse to bolster your delicate blotted EGO. In order to keep going you build yourself up at the expense of others. But that's OK, as I said before, if you were a real man instead of a coward you would stand up and create your own reality and fight for what is right not what you have been brainwashed to believe. But you could never understand this.
Have fun.

Oh, we do. Trust me. Finally, this email from the People Needing Pepto Bismol Department:

I have been reading articles on L Ray Smith website ... ... And while I was reading ... I got confirmation in my spirit regarding several issues I have been struggling with for many years ... So I wanted to see who this L. Ray Smith was ... So, I did what everyone does this day and age ... I "Googled" him ... Here is were I found your website. I read your reviews concerning L. Ray Smith ... And immediately in my spirit I felt ... Condemnation ... Jealousy ... and Haughtiness. Exactly the opposite as I read L. Ray Smith articles.

The articles in which he (L. Ray Smith) names out certain people ... Some I'm not familiar with but a few I am ... And these men have grieved me for many years.

I don't write to many emails but I would like for you to take this things that trouble you to the Lord and not try to refute them from your on knowledge ... be very careful as you attack his man.

Yeah, I better hold off giving the business to L. Ray. He's a roofer, and I might end up with a hole in my roof.

The June 2007 John Loftus Collection

As always, John Loftus can't go a month without collecting a heap of awards for himself and his group. For himself, he earns Gold for endorsing such ideas as that Joseph of Arimathea never existed, and for recommending yet another nutcase, Craig Lee Duckett. This alleged former seminarian has gone down hill a long way, using Acharya as well as Freke and Gandy as sources with minimal use of sources elsewhere.

Gold also goees to one of DJ's blarg commenters, Rene, who says:

BTW John, I believe I have read two books of yours (can't remember the name of the one..did it have to do with the Vatican Ratlines?). I read "The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People". It was interesting and certainly controversial! We are all conspiracy nuts (the others are just!). I mean that in a flattering way. You undoubtedly have had to develope a thick skin and patience with the kinds of attacks Acharya recieves on a subject also controversial.

You should take the time to familiarise yourself with Acharya's views as she likely is or should be with yours. Keep on the mission of exposing Truth, wherever you think you see it. We may all at one time or another feel compelled to adjust our views.

She gets Gold not only for supporting Acharya S, but also for thinking Loftus is the former government offocial who wrote books like Secret War Against the Jews. Just goes to show: Loftus' book attracts stupid people.

Loftus' cohort and kisser-upper do-boy Matthew Green also wins Gold, for just about everything he did last month, including refusing to have the moral sense to dump Loftus after he was caught in a huge lie on TheologyWeb. Sir Stevie Stoopid a Lot (Stevie Carr) wins Gold for this comment in Matthew Green's blarg:

Two examples of Holding arguing whichever way suits him.

Holding 1

'Meier [Meie.MarJ, 23] notes that what we know about Alexander the Great could fit on only a few sheets of paper; yet no one doubts that Alexander existed. '

A 'few sheets of paper'?

Is this the same JP Holding who reels off hundreds of kilobytes of facts about Alexander?

For example, Holding 2

'Moreover, according to the ancient historian Arrian, author of "Anabasi Alexandri," (2.20.1-2), Alex got some help in attacking Tyre. Having no navy of his own to speak of, he got naval help from his friends in Macedon and from the Phoenician city-states Aradus, Byblos, and Sidon; ships also came from Enylos, Soli and Mallos, Rhodes, Lycia, and Cyprus to join in the fray and help Alex overcome Tyre '

If Holding wants to denigrate the massive evidence of Alexander's historicity compared to Jesus, he does so.

Of course, it was Meier who said such a thing, so if Stevie thinks he's smarter than Meier, then he can write to him. Stevie goes on in this vein for a while, but it fails to occur to him that what he copies and pastes from me on Alex is about three paragraphs and would not even fill ONE sheet of paper, let alone a few sheets. Unless Stevie works in 500 point font that is.

And the marks aren't going to check up on you, are they?

We just did, Stevie. And you won Gold for being stoopid again!

The last Gold in this month's Loftus collection goes to Chris Hallquist, who though he has his own blog is in Loftus' orbit. That's an "egocentric" solar system, by the way.

888 Sure Isn't an IQ Score

The Well-Named Whacky888 wins Gold for a variety of comments, such as believing based on John 2 that Jesus was married, and saying:

The Word "gospel" is never defined in any dictionary as "good news".

If Jesus were here, He'd fall of the political spectrum on the "left", because He knows that aborted babies make a bee-line straight to Heaven. That would be a non-issue.

Certainly not Paul, or Saul. He knew Jesus really well, didn't he?

1 Corinthians 11:14 -Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

Egads! Did someone forget to tell Jesus? I understand He had some serious locks. Shame, shame, shame!

At least all those "images" of Him dead on a cross suggest that He had some hair.

Bruce Metzger Had Horns!

Nazaroo, a recent lunatic who spends his life arguing with the wall to claim that John really did write John 7:53-8:11, wins Gold for this display of paranoia:

[Bruce] Metzger was a satanist, a secret member of the Jesuit cult.

If his opinion were an honest one, based on mere imprecision, or unscientific methodology, or if it were concerning an issue upon which there was plenty of room for diverse opinion, discussion, without any serious consequence, then I'd say, great. No harm done. Respect him all you wish, grant him every courtesy.

However, the case is somewhat different.

Metzger is no 'absent-minded professor' amicably chatting about an irrelevant and harmless subject, but a professional soldier and master propagandist in a full scale war against the text of Holy Scripture.

I know C.S. Lewis, and Metzger was no C.S. Lewis. A better parallel would be Herr Goebbels, of the S.S. propaganda arm.

No, But We're Guessing You Spend a Lot of Time Under One

SteveC(lueless) on TWeb just gets nuttier every month. A reader said to him:

I'm not surprised at all that you are struggling so much with the LNC. For someone who admires Aristotle so much, you don't want to see a flaw in your hero's laws.

I am sitting. I am standing. Both of those can't be true.

To which Steve replied:

You've never sat on a barstool, have you?

We finally have a skeptic questioning the Law of Noncontradiction. SteveC also deserves double platinum for comparing me to Jim Jones (he of the One True Purple Koolaid™)

Only in your eyes and the eyes of those you follow blindly!!


I thought this article was about JPH until I read it a little more closely.

And finally, an award for where he cites a comic book writer/artist(Neil Gaimen) as an authority on religion:

And the evidence shows that it DOES copy from other religions. According to Niel Gaiman the legend is one of the Great Stories. The Great Stories are part of the core human experience and never change except in the most superficial ways. They defy any attempts to rewrite them with drastic changes, always returning to their original forms. The setting might be modified depending on who's telling it, the characters have different names, but fundamentally, it's still the same story. A version of the Osiris myth exists in every culture: the just king murdered by his cruel brother, only to be avenged by the prince who follows in his father's footsteps. Sometimes the dead king is rewarded for his upright ways and gains great reward in the next life. We find its echoes in nearby civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans, in far-off Japan and China, in Christianity, even in Shakespeare, where the avenging prince is named Hamlet.
The Mixed Nuts Collection

And last, Gold odds and ends. I award "taoist" Gold for being stupid this way:

Listen, kid, I don't want to be mean, but you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Normally, we could just let this slide, but there's a difference between ignoring centuries of hotly disputed textual criticism and pretending it doesn't exist. Here's a quick introduction to one of the more famous disputes:

The Ending of Mark

You can call this a lot of things, but you can't call it trivial. The ending of Mark has major theological ramifications.

Dispute? Major ramifications? We've known Mark 16:9-20 isn't genuine since Day 1. The patristics knew it. We know it. No one is panicking except a few KJV Only type fundies with tight undies. Someone's been sniffing too much Bart Ehrman glue. taoist also said this screwy thing:

Consider the references in the Chronicles to extra-biblical texts, including books of prophets we know nothing at all about. It's clear the chroniclers found these books authoritative:

As for the events of King David's reign, from beginning to end, they are written in the records of Samuel the seer, the records of Nathan the prophet and the records of Gad the seer.

As for the other events of Solomon's reign, from beginning to end, are they not written in the records of Nathan the prophet, in the prophecy of Ahijah the Shilonite and in the visions of Iddo the seer concerning Jeroboam son of Nebat? (etc.)

I've included this fairly inclusive selection to point out that the chroniclers themselves relied on the authority of these other documents. Many of these references remain in the canon, but where are the prophecy of Ahijah the Shilonite and the visions of Iddo the seer today? Those you cite as authority depended upon these texts. They were obviously "canonical" at the time. And now they are gone.

Gee, do you suppose it might just be that those documents referred to were correct, not necessarily canonical?

Dreece, a Jehovah's witness says God can't be omnipresent because if he was there wouldn't be room for the universe:

i'd like to say something? if god is omniprescent then that means he transends all space and time.and if so occupise all space and time. and if that is true than the heaven where the andgles dwell and our physical universe don't really exest. for where did he put them if he take up all the room?

Adam "Dr. I. Q. High" wins Gold for this comment about Glenn Miller:

Obviously the man must have a high IQ. I suggest that in his case this indicates extreme narrowness of view.

"moose" wins Gold for this:

Let me guess, he told you that it was hit by a plane and you believed him correct? There is no evidence of a plane hitting the pentagon. Please do show us the evidence of a plane hitting the pentagon. There isn't any. It was a missile.

I surely hope you are not trying to back up the original 9/11 story that 12 or so arabs flew planes into buildings. I would honestly hope you do some research about the truth to 9/11. It was done by the government, President Bush, who is a christian was behind this and the ongoing fatalities of innocent civilians in Iraq whether they be Iraqis or Americans. In fact I believe he created more terrorists then actually killed.

Some more scary stuff from T4C: -- Nudder "Paul is a false apostle" nutcase.