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The June 2013 John Loftus Collection

John wins for his performance on Unbelievable opposite Randal Rauser -- especially for saying he hasn't seen anything in the last 7 years that's new and could get him to change his mind, and for saying that if someone was raised an atheist, they should use the Outsider Test of Faith on their atheism, but if they become an atheist, they don't need to. After all, they're not "claiming anything."

The Atheist Collection

YouTube atheist who still believes Christopher Hitchens' stories about Mother Teresa:

He's the journalist investigating! He doesn't need to cite any sources!

The Pixie is still a sore loser:

But then, I guess this is apologetics, right? It is not about making a good argument to convert the non-believers, it is about making enough noise to make it look like a good argument to the Christians.

Screwball to XxTHEJAYBIRDxX for this comment on El Divo's Youtube Cut of Amazing Grace.

If everyone could stop mentioning God, that would be great. Enjoy the song, keep your beliefs to yourself with all due respect.

NonStampCollector noms Platinum for this ironic remark:

How dare you even suggest that you're "looking for an actual scientific and logical response to the problem of homology"?

You're looking at the clumsy wording of a frigging high school text book, and obviously NOT LOOKING any further. You get in front of a camera, and imply that such a thing has never been offered.

The gall! You haven't bothered to look at what career scientists have devoted their lives to understanding. You stop at school texts & act like you've scored a checkmate? Incredible.

YT fundy atheist Perkin Warbeck, on my first reading challenge vid advising fundy atheists to read social science material on the Bible:

Atheists don't need to read these books, they've already read the Bible. "A thorough reading and understanding of the Bible is the surest path to atheism".

Facebook atheist Tim noms Platinum for this:

Horus existed and is the basis for the Jesus story, that has been proven and is fact and it happened 4000 years previous. Even if he did exist, his name was not Jesus and could not have been as there is no "J" in the Hebrew alphabet.

YT whiny fundy atheist Kra'ul Sheykhon, on my vid on hell:

You're making up your religion as you go along, deciding what's Metaphor and What's Reality on a Whim, how could I ever argue against that? I'm no Bible Scholar myself, and I don't claim to be, but I don't think you really have any right to tell people how to read the Bible either, you're as Fallible as any other 3 Dimensional Being I've ever encountered.

YT fundy atheist glastonbury, on the book of Esther:

ester (Esther) was a violation of the rules of cannonazation, not an inspired text, how it was excepted , ive yet to discover the real reason, that book should be tossed out.even the names are Babylonian, not Persian, Ester is a Babylonian name. same with her uncle mordechi, another Babylonian, yet this story is to have taken place in Persia at the capital souse, yet the Persian record makes no mention of such a person. in other words the book was a fabrication created later on.

TheChristian and Theist Collection

Obsidian, for this comment to a struggling young Christian:

Honestly, you probably are not saved. You don't believe the gospel, and it doesn't sound like you ever have.

dan2222 has a wacky exegetical day:

Exodus 34:7 Sins and blessings of the parents are not given to children (Ezekiel 18), so would that verse be reincarnation?

This from n00b loony notincalif:

The cicada is an ancient representation of ressurrection; the insect goes underground, entombs itself, and emerges, ressurrects, after so many years. Carvings of cicadas are common in chinese neolithic tombs. When Jesus spent his eight years in India, he would have learned this concept. He did, after all, paraphrase Budda a number of times, so this should not come as a shock.

Bishop Jefferts Schori deserves a screwball award for this epic FAIL in exegesis about Acts 16:16-34:

"Paul is annoyed at the slave girl,” Bishop Jefferts Schori preached. “She’s telling the same truth Paul and others claim for themselves. But Paul is annoyed, perhaps for being put in his place, and he responds by depriving her of her gift of spiritual awareness. Paul can’t abide something he won’t see as beautiful or holy, so he tries to destroy it."

Book award: Platinum book nominee