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From the Mailbag

Amazingly -- for the first time I think -- NO Gold e-mails.

The March 2011 Loftus Collection

Loftus groupie Articulett makes an impact:

atheism is a lack of belief in gods, bozoface. It's those who believe in invisible magical beings that need evidence-- not those who don't believe in such thing. The evidence for atheism is identical for the evidence for non-belief in fairies or non-belief in Scientology, goofball.

You BELIEVE in god's revealed will-- that doesn't make god real any more than believing in Xenu makes Xenu real. And you can't make yourself love someone who doesn't exist-- nor can you make yourself love your neighbor-- you can learn to treat your neighbor well, but feelings-- like beliefs are not necessarily the subject of will. And while you are loving your neighbor, be careful not to covet them, their wife, or their ass. According to Jesus -- just thinking about doing so is the SAME as doing so.

Go get an education and post when you have a clue. You are tiresome, clueless, and incapable of honest conversation due to your brainwashing.

At least figure out what atheism and quit with the affirmations of how wonderful you think you are because of the magical things you've come to believe in. Honestly it's no more impressive to the nonbeliever than a Tom Cruise's enthusiasm for Scientology. It just makes you look like such a wackjob. (At least Tom Cruise is a rich, handsome, successful wackjob-- has your Jesus done as much for you? If not, why should we take you more seriously than you take him in the attached clip?)

John also gets an award for tactlessly exploiting the reent earthquake/tsunami to sell himself and his views, and for attracting a bunch of the "Jesus was copied from Mithra, Attis, etc" crowd. Plus this sermon was pretty funny, reminiscent of his days as a preacher:

I know beyond a shadow of doubt that evangelical (or conservative) Christianity is wrong, false, and that only deluded people think otherwise. I have to be. For I'm risking their particular hellfire, so to speak. Almost everyone agrees with me too. Global religious diversity shows us this. Even among people claiming to be Christians most of them are not evangelicals.

Loftus groupie Slacker 3:16 also wins:

Pastor B, can you please attempt to answer a question I asked a Nun in CCD class at age 10? If God created us and the world, then who created God? At the time she answered, "God created God, himself". I then asked, like any curios 10 year old would, "how did God create himself?" I then looked up at her and she had this look of complete scorn and discust on her face. She then threw me out of class and I had to go the the office. It was a long time ago, but a big changing point in my life. I basically learned to never ask an intelligent question again in religion class. How would/do you answer that question to anyone?

Mixed Atheist Nuts

TimZim would make a Platinum n00b splash -- except he was banned as a former user:

In my experience, believers are more likely than others to become irked when I don't understand what they are talking about, or hold to my sketicism or criticism. Perhaps because believers estimation of God, being egocentric, results in part from their increased likelihood of taking for granted that people see what they see. And because their views of their gods fit so comfortably with their own perceptions, it seems to drive some people crazy when I, or other nonbelievers, do not eventually yield to their supposedly "logical" explanations. in other words, people who believe in God, in my experience, on average, have a lower capacity for empathy.


You prefer autocratic, brutal control of everything you and your overlords don't like. "No" abortions means you get control of women's bodies, medical records, urine, and every aspect of her daily life.


Furthermore, you have the burden to show the credibility of your sources. And it is customary for doubts about the credibility of sources, which have the imprimatur of an admittedly bias institution, to be accepted, based on the relationship alone.

On the other hand, if Craig, for example wrote about nineteenth century French carpentry, which is seemingly unrelated to his Christian school's contract with Craig, then we wouldn't customarily discount his claims on unrelated matters. If he doesn't want to be doubted, he should step out from under the protection/servitude of his strong arm employer.

yo lunch tells us more about himself than about Jesus:

Problem is, Jesus did not practice what he preached! Did he not say that he would make his enemies his footstool? There were several references wherein he expressed retribution against his enemies. Besides, his Dad had no compunction punishing friends and foes alike!

Such nonsense as expressed in the Sermon on the Mount, is just a lot of idealistic fluff that does not work in reality! Only a fool seeks to do good to those who despitefully uses him! Please! Wake up!

Listen! No one can "love thy neigbort as themselves!" Self-preservation is the first law of nature! If you are on a sinking ship with your neighbor and only one of you can be saved with the buoy, would you give it to your neighbor instead of taking it for yourself if you could get to it first? Only a fool would do so!

Tassman is still working on getting his head out of his backside:

Ah, yes! 'The Hermeneutical Spiral'; 'Hermeneutics' by Grant R. Osborne – Professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School which has a Mission Statement : “Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is a learning community dedicated to the development of servant leaders for the global church, leaders who are spiritually, biblically, and theologically prepared to engage contemporary culture for the sake of Christ's kingdom.”

My goodness me - one can expect some really probing questioning of the NT from this source, I don’t think.

And, my goodness, 'Introduction to Biblical Interpretation' by Dr. William W. Klein and Dr. Craig L. Blomberg of Denver Seminary which “prepares men and women to engage the needs of the world with the redemptive power of the gospel and the life-changing truth of Scripture through real relationships you’ll find real answers to help bring real change to the world.”

What a sure-fire way to reinforce what you want to believe with some tame, bible-based “scholars" who can be guaranteed to say what you as an Evangelical Christian want to hear – sort of like JP Holding with qualifications.

Rest assured that according to the sort of scholars you choose to reinforce your faith with, Jesus meant exactly what you were taught in Sunday School that he meant.

Award to YouTube Boob "floyd316," in reply to my point that ancient people considered it an honor to die in battle, rather than be shamed by being rescued from it:

God could have just saved their lives AND removed any sense of dishonour easily.

Another YT atheistm, Hannsfeld, is even worse. From his channel page:

I am an Ex-USAF "EagleKeeper": an avionics technician on the F-15 Eagle at Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Japan and Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NV. I also served a couple of years doing similar work for the US Naval Reserves.

(Being a fan of Star Trek and Gene Rodenbury, I was very pleased to have been assigned to CVN 65 "USS Enterprise")

I am also an atheist, rationalist, and champion of Science.

It really impresses when a "rationalist" and "champion of Science" (capital S) can't even spell Gene Roddenberry's name correctly. Also funny was this on my article on the atonement:

I certainly hope you are not referring to this Tekton document. "Years of research"? Seriously? It looks like it was thrown together in a couple of afternoons over a six pack.

Yes, again it is part of the manifesto of TektonTV. I am already floored after reading the first few lines, as it reads like a Klingon justice manual. Please go look at this because I see no way to divide the unnecessarily long content for view here

Where does he think ST got the idea for the Klingons as an "honor society" from???

The Christian and Theist Collection

Award to a Christan for this book review on Amazon:

While it does correctly teach saturday is G-d's sabbath, this book takes a scriptural truth to deceive people and uses it to promote satanic doctrines. I received this book as a "free bonus" when I ordered another book at a different site --- I immediately saw it was written by demons and I ripped it up and threw it away (amazingly it came with a book that was 100% scriptural which I ordered several more of from amazon)

This is an example of a book that was written by demons and masquerades as Christian.

Written by demons? You'd think demons would write better than that. Similarly, award for a Christian who wrote on Witherington's blog:

Much too deep for me. I am just going to keep reading my Bible and try my best to do what Jesus tells me to do. I don’t really think I need any of you to tell me what the Bible and Jesus is saying to me. What ever He has for me after this life will be just fine with me.

Eeset, on knowing when God is speaking:

I was reflecting on personal experience and realized that countless billions of people have never heard God audibly with their human ears. Many will tell you they hear God as that small still voice within but only that. So this is a good news and here's how thread. To hear God in human voice the following are requisite.

1. You have to know in your heart absolutely beyond question that God is. This is not an intellectual understanding or an attestation of faith. I'm not sure how exactly to describe this in a way that is neither insulting nor pompous. I intend neither insult nor self exaltation. I guess the way to put it is either you know God or at some level have a doubt.

2. You have a question that you will not trust either yourself or anyone else to answer. A question that burns in your heart that no authority less than God can answer.

3. The question burning in your heart centers on love of others. It may be a dilemma you face where you aren't sure what choice is the loving one to make. It may simply be a question of how to lovingly relate to something going on in your life.

4. The setting must be proper. Fasting and meditation can be beneficial. It is not necessary that you be focused in meditation on the question because God knows your heart. What is important is that you are alone and receptive. Some people can accomplish that in a noisy crowded room full of other people but the vast majority (me included) can not.

I think that covers it. Please remember that billions never audibly hear God so it is no criteria for success in life nor a badge of honor. Perhaps that small still voice inside will even tell you to ignore what I have offered. Each person's relationship with the our Father is unique just as each person is unique.

And while she's at it, she goes sociopath:

Now a touch of reality. My grandmother and her 4th child died as a result of a back alley abortion decades before Roe V Wade. If abortions are made illegal in the U.S. it will simply create another off shore service industry in places like Mexico, Canada and other countries where it remains legal. Lost jobs, taxes, hospital and clinic revenue, medicare and social security contributions from those wages and many other associated economic impacts. All lost because you believe a soul enters the body at conception or is created at that time through sexual intercourse. That is hogwash. The soul enters the body very close to the time of actual birth. The opportunity does not exist until close to birth because the dynamics which determine which soul gets the opportunity to incarnate are not settled enough until then. This is one of the things orthodox religion refuses to even discuss because it raises the question of when souls came into existence. And if God rested after the sixth day because all was complete then all souls are equal in age. This in turn raises the question of what souls do when not actually inhabiting bodies. Oh my, the question of what happens before birth raises its questioning head when the orthodox churches can't even adequately answer what happens after death of the mortal body. Of course I'm sure that is all gibberish to a huge intellectual like yourself. I'm sure you have all those things already answered. Please explain them to poor stupid little ditzy me.

Presupposionalist Sye mistakes natural theology for polytheism:

In our discussion, I asked you repeatedly how you accounted for logic, and with YOUR account, how you could know ANYTHING. All you ever appealed to was some kind of conglomerate of the ‘gods’ of different religions, and never once answered what you know and how you are able to know it with THAT justification for logic. I submit that you never answered that question because your polytheistic approach would be exposed for its inadequacy in justifying knowledge. For those reading along, just watch to see if Nick EVER answers this question; Nick with your justification for logic (a conglomeration of ‘gods’) what do you know and how are you able to know it? Might I suggest that those reading along do not hold your collective breaths awaiting an answer.

Ty Rockwell is still doing exegesis by chicken bone:

You are confusing the ministry of the Old Covenant prophet with that of the New Covenant. There is no "100% right, all the time" law in the New Covenant.

Paul said, "You may all prophesy." But all Christians are not 100% right all the time about everything they do or say. The believer under the Old Testament was under law. Everyone, not just prophets, had to be perfect all the time. It was The Law. The only prophet that was to be considered a "false prophet" was one that intentionally tried to lead people away from God, or who directly contradicted something God said. The others who were 'wrong' were simply that, and were not to be stoned, or feared.

In the New Covenant, NO ONE is to be put to death, for any reason!! There is enough conviction and direction of the Holy Spirit in the church that no one wants to prophesy falsely, or mistakenly. This is why there are so few who prophesy.

BTW, "prophecy" ends with the "see" sound, and "prophesy" ends with the "sigh" sound. Too many Christians don't know the difference.

Yet they think it alright to be judgmental more so on this subject, than on any other calling of ministry. If God were to judge all Christians, or New Testament ministers by the Old Testament standard, few would dare to be a Christian, or a minister. And, believe this, there are few ministers who are better than 10% right all the time. Even under the Old Covenant, few, if any, were rightly put to death. Jesus called the whole religious establishment, "you who kill the prophets." Many prophets in Jeremiah's time prophesied a message that conflicted with Jeremiah, but were not put to death.

New Testament prophets are to encourage, build up, and comfort the church. Too many think it is their job to pronounce doom and gloom, judgment and condemnation, when what the church needs is to know what to do for a specific time and circumstance. A prophet should tell you what to believe for, and pray for. Whether it comes to pass, or not, often depends on whether the Church does what the prophecy told them to do; usually to expect a good thing, or to pray against a bad thing happening. It is not always the prophet's fault if a conditional word does not come to pass. Build up, encourage, and comfort, and let God take care of judgment, not you. -- At Large Platinum nominee

Screwball to Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou on her BBC show Bible's Buried Secrets where she said that David was not a real person.

Screwballs to the people who think the Japan earthquake was punishment on Japan for Pearl Harbor. And to -- Made all the more interesting by the fact that from the picture, the atheist author seems to have not missed many meals himself.