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From the Mailbag

Here we may have the Platinum for Christian email, 2011:

God's inspired words NEVER lie in the least, as you say it does in Luke 14:26.

No wonder God says that MANY are called but FEW are chosen.

I believe God means every thing He says in the way He says it and not the way your LIARS say it in ANY WAY.

God is not 'OUT OF CONTEXT' and He is not to STUPID so that He can not tell us what He really means by the way He says it. If you are a parent, I know exactly why God said to 'HATE' you in Luke 14:26.

You probably belong to one of the 15,000 RELIGIONS on earth that thinks theirs is right but the others are wrong and Christ NEVER COMMANDED ANYONE to start a Christian RELIGION of ANY KIND. Never did, NEVER WILL. (Matthew 15:7-9) You worship Him in VAIN.

You nor ANYONE on earth can show me a single verse where Christ complimented ANY RELIGION, RELIGIOUS LEADERS, CRAFTED TEMPLES, the DEVIL or Christ's biological mother. PROVE ME WRONG. I do not need your phony interpretation, I want a verse and not your EXCUSES.

The November 2011 John Loftus Collection

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The Rest of the Skeptics

Reality Check, on my vid on the Inqusition:

Wow, a Southern Baptist apologizing for the "whore of Babylon". I guess you'll get in bed with anyone, even "Jezebel", to stick it to those dirty "fundie atheists", eh JP? What would your Pastor think?

John Grove on Amazon (aka JohnnyBDumb) wins for many things he said, like this to Nick Peters:

Looking at your picture on your profile I wonder if you have ever had a girlfriend. Maybe you should stay in the ministry, the real world doesn't want ya.

YT user TheReliquarian:

Neither Josephus or Tacitus' accounts were firsthand, they were passed down from other sources, such as 'I met a guy who knew a guy who TOTALLY saw Jesus'. As they both were born Decades After any of the 'history' they were 'recording', these records are Not Credible. The bible is a single collection of books.Really, it's like several books in one, hence it is 'one source'.

One fundy atheist obviously ate beans for breakfast:

You're also being extremely naive if you think that the only outside influences are historians you choose to read. Your whole life is influencing how you interprets the bible, including how you interpret those experts you cite. The language you natively uses influences how you view the world in very fundamental way, and there's no getting around that. The society you grew up in also radically changes how you interpret the bible. Hell, the food you ate this morning effects how you interpret the bible. Furthermore, those historians and experts have their opinion, but that in no way means it's the correct interpretation. The bible was written in a language you don't know, in a world you can't relate to, and for reasons that frankly, you're only guessing and imaging is true because of faith. I'd say all these reasons are enough to throw into complete doubt your supposed rock solid interpretation of the bible.

YT user hunkydoery left this several places:

Listen [censored], if Jesus really did exist, then how come we haven't found his body?

The Christian and Theist Collection

johnmartin may get Christian Platinum:

Demonstrate the Milky Way exists. I haven't seen any compelling evidence for its existence yet.

There's none for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, either.

greenearthnazi20204u wins an award for coherence:

People live is controlled by corporation the government it owns people the very old and rich family's of the world owns the corruption corporation called governments all of them .they give you , your laws and religions tell you who is good or bad even the bible . they sell beliefs and lies dark law of power sell you your ideal of good or bad .let the people think they own the government and control it.when they do not . i fully understood and knew about corporate church" problem. they can say Jesus die for our sin that i do not know but is clear to ME IS THE Jews killed Jesus for teaching something much different then Jews where teaching now the bible put together by the Catholic church give you the Cristian calender all names of false gods DAY AND MONTY , Christmas, Easter all mix with pangolin beliefs you think these guys gave you a pure holy book from GOD GOT YOU SAYING AMEN NAME THE EGYPT SUN GOD MY YOU FIND TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT AND PURE LOVE.

Jewish YT user 1daewoo888 says:

The first christians were in fact polytheistic; you really need to do your homework before you make statements; "Sophia" gods wife (demiurge) who had three daughters; Faith, Hope, and Charity. 1 Corinthians 13:13. Sophia becomes a martyr 137 AD, and again in 304 AD Sophia later is depicted as the virgin Mary, however remains in your christian bible as: wisdom { Sophia in Greek }

Clueless YT user asks of me:

Do you believe in god and think atheist are wrong or to think that there is no god and that creations are wrong? I have been watching some of your videos I can't tell which one you are. Would you mind telling me your beliefs?

Thealmightyguru comments on a school:

Faculty at Shorter University, a Christian school in Rome, Georgia, are being forced to sign a Statement of Faith or be fired. The Statement of Faith requires all faculty to be Trinitarian Christians, no surprise there, but it also demands that faculty not consume alcohol where students might be present (including restaurants, concerts, and sporting events). But the real kicker comes from the sexuality section. Faculty can and will be fired if they are homosexual or have sex out of wedlock! Now, this is a private school, so they can include any fascist rules they want, but it gives you an idea just how lock-down and controlling religious mentality gets.

YT user Funkifizzle gives a Jewish perspective:

lol trying to find jesus in the Tanakh is like trying to find Harry Potter in Starwars: it isn't in there. This trinity nonsense has nothing to do with Tanakh. None whatsoever. Hashem is ONE. Not 3, not 2, ONE!

Deut. 13 and 18 both warn the Israelites not to worship other deities that they have not worshiped before. Thus, to worship jesus is to worship a foreign god.

YT user psandbergnz is high on something -- here's a sample:

Thomas' sayings appear "gibberish" to you, because you (like me) don't have an Essene master to guide. The sayings of Thomas are probably meant to be abstruse to the unitiated. They appear to be consistent with Essene or Gnostic teaching. The incompleteness of esoteric teaching in the canonical Gospels blazes! In John's Gospel we have fragments of an amazing discourse about what it means to be "born again". But it fizzles out after just 13 verses! It deserves chapters! -- to TheCall, and the author of the article for lumping in Acts 17 Apologetics with the other groups. -- Platinum Christian website nominee. -- At Large Platinum nominee

At-Large Platinum nom for the movie Anonymous, which can be called the Da Vinci Code for Shakespeare studies. It includes a hypothesis that his plays were written by a man who died before many of them were published. --