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From the Mailbag

Here's another nutter who's had too much radioactivity:

It is important to gain a proper appreciation for the sacred institution of the Holy and Universal Inquisition. Normalcy needs to be restored in society. Lord God made Visitation to the state of New York which was the first state to have opened up an abortion mill. What is occurring on the physical plane is merely somewhat of a reflection of the ongoing spiritual war. There was a noteworthy event that occurred when the Lord allowed the Illuminati to false flag attack the Twin Towers with nuclear weaponry in a controlled demolition. The abortion mills were closed for a full week. The citizenry then began thinking more of things concerning God and eternity. The real tragedy here are the infants who have no one to help them and are left at the total mercy of their despicable parent and abortionist through immoral laws. It is the infant who would have been born if the public schools did not dispense infantacidal drugs and chemical implants to youth who are sent to public schools by their careless parents. The infants of the first mentioned category had a brief life and very painful at that due to the unspeakably selfish decision of those who should have done the most to protect them. They then enter into eternity deprived of the gift of eternal life which is an indescribably unimaginable tragedy for they received not of the gift of Baptism. The infants of the second category did not even have a chance to receive an existence but are phased out by diabolical methods. Citizenry outside the one Ark of Salvation should view their whole life in the light of grace. Unfortunately this can only be done when the Lord God sends physical evils to wake up the typical Pagan and sends discomfort to their life. Only then do some of them begin to reflect on what truly matters. The US constitution is causing all these miseries.

And here's one from the Fundy Schizo Society:

Hi, i was reading your facts regarding the riches of solomon, nice work by the way. i find it interesting that over the years more and more people like yourself don't just make a point of what they believe but claim they are wiser than the Bible. you are so sure you are right yet without really knowing how much solomon had you claim the word of God the be 'false'. I would advise in future you make your case without damming the inspired word of God. may i suggest you consider seeking the God of the Bible rather than trying to expose it as a lie.

And another, after I told him people of the Bible were not precision-oreinted, especially when it came to time:

Because they did not have atomic clocks to assist them, is exactly why the ancients were extremely precision oriented, beyond what the average person on the street today would imagine. But from your liberalist response, I must conclude that you are not willing to learn the truth, which is quite knowable, but currently is unknown, except by me and probably some others that I am unaware of. You said, "It is doubtful there will ever be a solution that will satisfy a modern precision-oriented person." There is a solution that can satisfy any curious mind. Sorry to have shaken you while you were sleeping, I was hoping that you might want to wake up.

I checked this nut out, and he also thinks the Nicean Creed is heretical.

The November 2012 John Loftus Collection

John wins for appealing to Stephen Law in favor of using mockery -- while still complaining whenever he's mocked -- and for his hysterical (in a couple of ways) hissy fit responding to William Lane Craig, especially since he (of all people) objects that Craig took the "low road" with him.

The Rest of the Skeptics

firstfloor has nicely brainwashed himself:

Religions like Christianity entail a belief in supernatural forces and actors. By the occasional and temporary suspension of natural laws, the supernatural allows anything to occur and therefore prevents the believer of supernatural claims or the witness of supernatural events from accurately distinguishing between what is real and what is fictional. In other words, any fiction can be justified by placing it in a supernatural context that is validated by the unsurpassable authority of a supernatural God.

This is a dangerous trap from which there is no escape except by strict adherence to rational thought based entirely on natural laws, which is a habit unfamiliar to religious thinkers who are trained in supernatural thinking.

The great advent in religious education during the recent several decades is modern Bible scholarship also referred to as the historical-critical method or higher criticism. The primary goal of historical criticism is to ascertain the text's primitive or original meaning in its original historical context and its literal sense. It is acceptable to use this style of understanding alongside traditional theologies. It may eventually lead the overly devout to a more enlightened state in fellowship with rationalists outside their religious group.

YT user deathlessteepee:

You are a scared child and a fear monger just like the people who wrote the bible. Just because you can't imagine things differently doesn't mean that the world has ever needed violent authority, so your end of the world talk isn't valid. Maybe if the [censored] in the bible that stoned their children hadn't practiced physical discipline they wouldn't produce unruly offspring.

Which one of your parents beat you as a child? I bet you hate them and don't even know why!

YT user RRoocckkyy50 raises the bar:

You have to answer every question upon my demand as ordered by 1Peter (3:15), that's if you think you are a "true" Christian.

YT user Krenparshaw, on my vids:

TektonTV...his videos sometimes are hard to follow from point A to point B and I think he does that one purpose.

YT user Drigeolf, on Jephthah's daughter:

There is a false dichotomy in there when you claim she is either suicidal or didn't fear for her life. There is a possibility that she didn't want anyone in her household to die and sacrificed herself for them. It makes more sense if she is 12-14 years old, since a little child probably won't act like that but a teenager could.

Omniskeptical does eschatology:

The Gnostics were heavily involved in Rome at one time. It maybe Rome/Jerusalem that xianity came from, but Rome has no proof that Peter didn't die in the real Babylon. In Revelation, the whore of Babylon is Jerusalem for a good reason. The false prophet was nothing other than Gamaliel, and the beast was obviously Herod, followed by a 2nd Herod.

Xtian Rabinovic tries to make sense:

. . . Would it not be fair to say that every quotation ever given was taken out of the context where it was originally given? Which is to say that the very essence of a "quotation" is that it's taken out of the whole context, and that's what makes it a "quotation."

Matt McCormick wins again, for this:

There's even an active and legitimate dispute amongst historians and scholars about whether or not there was such a person (as Jesus)

F-bomber YT troll justforfun20102010 earns a Platinum nom for this response, when I told him he was wrong about Galileo's affair being about a flat earth, as opposed to geocentrism:

"Government is just as infallible too when it fixes systems in physics. Galileo was sent to the inquisition for affirming that the earth was a sphere: the government had declared it to be as flat as a trencher, and Galileo was obliged to abjure his error. This error however at length prevailed, the earth became a globe, and Descartes declared it was whirled round its axis by a vorteo"

Thomas Jefferson

You are going to say that the one of greatest men in history is wrong?

When I told him historians with doctoral degrees thought Jefferson was wrong, he said:

OH FOR [f-bomb] SAKE!. You don't mean historians, you mean [f-bomb] in the head believers in a sky daddy who want to deny reality. Grow the [f-bomb] up and come to science already!

He apparently didn't know that Carl Sagan described the Galileo affair as being about geocentrism, too.

YT user matenoway, on faith (pistis):

Am glad that you were honest enough to realize that faith, or Pistis = faith comes from the Greeks due to the Greek mythology, Goddess Pistis. This is just more evidence that your Religion is man made, and evolved from the Greek Pantheon.

YT user jeremy miller:

If God says you do something that means you do it until God says stop. That is one of the main tenants of Christianity.

The Christian and Theist Collection

Rachel Held Evans wins for dishonesty and for the stunt that is A Year of Biblical Womanhood. In fact, that'll be a Platinum Book for the year, especially with comments like these:

These [explanations] are useful insights, I suppose, but sometimes I wish these apologists wouldn't be in such a hurry to explain these troubling texts away, that they would allow themselves to be bothered by them now and then.

Lulu, a dispensationalist, gives us a new argument for the Rapture:

1 Thes 4:17 "Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord." Water is part hydrogen and part oxygen. Oxygen and hydrogen are both EXTREMELY flammable, AND they both FLOAT. Our body is two-thirds water. That to me is just plain PROOF that we really DO have the ability to "be on fire" and to "ascend into heaven"!!!! Hallelujah, MARANATHA to the Lamb!! My Bridegroom is coming on a cloud of GLOOOOOOOOOORY!! TO TAKE US AWAY!!!!!!

YT user BethanySpiderMonkey, regarding my vid exposing an egregious error by a fundy atheist in YT who uses f-bombs in every sentence:

Calling this guy an 'idiot, moron, & stupid' isn't what Christians should be doing (I'm referring to the comments below) We should try to explain to him our beliefs in the hope that he himself can learn to know God as well. These types of hate videos push people further away from the truth.

stefcui, to a female member of TWeb:

Firstly, I don't think you are even a female - so the type of person who would mask their sexuality creeps me out.

Secondly, I think you have two socks on; for you have also masked yourself as a Christian - yet you appear to display contrary evidence that this is the case. I think this is the same masquerade for most of the people here who are advocating heliocentricity - I think you are mostly all sockpuppets masquerading as something you are not. Hence your comments and questions are simply a trap and a diversion. I hope you find a life.

Guy calling himself "Callum Geier" wins for impersonating Mike Licona on Facebook....and getting caught by Mike's son-in-law.

Another book Platinum nominee:

Platinum screwball to Jamie Foxx for referring to Obama as "our lord and savior". -- Platinum nom

Facebook member Tynan Wheeler said: Obama is not promoting abortion. He is promoting it's availability. There is no such thing as pro-abortion. There is, however, pro-choice.