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From the Mailbag

Just one screwy email this month. They must have been warned.

Maybe you would be more satisfied with what progressive Caucasian and Jewish writers have to say about the same topics.

Wanna know what the ancient Egyptians looked like, do an internet search on King Tutís life size statue found in his tomb. Forget the disinformation of National Geographic. The genetic evidence is clear the migration from Africa has resulted in a physically compromised and genetically compromised human being. Thatís why black dominate sports that require any innate physical ability.

Whites Genetically Weaker Than Blacks, Study Finds. Fox News, 2008, retrieved 14 July 2009,,2933,331949,00.html

Scientist: All Blue-Eyed People Are Related, Fox News, 2008, retrieved 20 July 2009,,2933,327070,00.html

Clark, Andrew et al, (2008) Proportionally more deleterious genetic variation in European than in African populations. Nature 451: 994Ė997

Genetic drift from God's original design has led to not only a physically and gentically human, but also spritually compromise human. Below are by Jewish and white references:

The God Gene: How Faith is hardwired into our genes

DNA - pirates of the sacred spiral

God has a preferred lineage (Adam-African) for manifesting his will on earth and so does satan. Satan preferred agents are furthest removed from Adam's progeny, otherwise Europeans

Europeans are furthest genetically/spritually removed from God's original design/likeness and have thus served to perpetuate a cycle of bondage in Adam (africans) and bring about hell on earth (nuclear weaponry & power, industrial pollution, etc.)

Also read the Koran 17:61 - 65 for better understanding of Satan plan for ADAM (or Africans)

Like like history, Christianity has been distorted (white Jesus, compromised text) to elevate falsely elevate themselves and their agenda.

The October 2011 John Loftus Collection

Loftus may have earned his Platinum for the year with a tendentious poll he posted asking whether anyone wanted to see him debate William Lane Craig. The answers he allowed for votes:

Yes, to see a student debate his former professor

Yes, in order for John to be introduced to Craig's fan base

Yes, I enjoy debates

No, I don't care for debates

No, I wouldn't want to watch John get trashed because I care for him whereas I don't care about the other atheists who got trashed by Craig

No, Craig should not introduce John to his fan base even though he has no qualms about doing this with other atheist debaters

No, although John has 3 master's degrees, Ph.D. work, considered by many to be "a leading atheist spokesperson" with some critically acclaimed books, he's not qualified

No, John needs more debate experience even though he has had, and arguably won, more debates than most atheists before debating Craig

No, my views are not represented by either side in this debate

Random Skeptic Collection

An atheist posted our item on bats as "birds" in Leviticus -- there were a slew of dumb atheist comments, like these:

Thomas Martin, why can't you just accept what the Bible says? Look at them, they fly about, they're birds. Did you even need to look? Just read the Bible.

Exactly. That's exactly what scientists did. The Bible says that bats are birds, so the scientists come along and just change the definition of "bird" to exclude bats, just so they can claim the Bible is in error. I'm not falling for it. God says that bats are birds, I believe it, and that settles it.

Jon Day, after asking for evidence of Nazareth, was given a truckload of information from reputable archaeological sources, and said:

Actually you did not give me evidence. You gave me a report about the evidence someone else found, and it is not evidence that a city named Nazareth existed during the time of Jesus.

YT user SuperFunkedUp, on my video about sheep imagery in the Bible:

so god wasn't creative enough to come up with his own imagery? he had to barrow from every other culture in the area at the time? hmm thats a coincidence

bertaberts noms Platinum with this one:

Of course you think it's excuses! You're presupposed to do so. Craig is a laughing stock. It says it all in Dawkins first paragraph "This Christian 'philosopher' is an apologist for genocide. I would rather leave an empty chair than share a platform with him" A two year old could refute Craig, He brings nothing new and it has all been refuted before, he essentially plays the god of the gaps argument, which is fallacious.

Yt user betlamed, on the Resurrection:

But moreover, and more importantly, if a guy rose from the grave it would not be proof of the existence of a deity. It would be a phenomenon we should look into and try to reproduce, because it would help us understand nature better.

The Pixie, in two different threads responding to the opinions of credentialed experts:

If Malina and Rohrbaugh claim is to be believed, I have to wonder why the Christian community has not noticed it in five years. I can understand why you want to stand by this reference, but to the outsider, it is not convincing when such a tiny minority of Christians agree with you.

I am happy to agree with the majority of Christians that you are wrong. If you can persuade them (wghich should be relatively easy, given a common set of beliefs), then I will pay attention.

Award for Richard Dawkins for still being too chicken to debate William Lane Craig -- and to his drones for praising him for it, like Gelion:

You should debate him and win the debate, and show people on the fence that you are right and he is wrong.He is odious, but so was Hitler and someone had to stand up to him. You have set your stall out with great skill and intellect as a great scientist and communicator of our age - don't let people like WLC undermine you.

Backyard Atheists wins for using a bogus Thomas Jefferson quote on a billboard.

firstfloor tries semantics:

I have always thought that the universe is the name for all that exists. If God is outside the universe, he does not exist.

YT user artblack01:

In 2000 years, maybe the Harry Potter fans will have their own religion. TektonTV responses were laughable as well. His best response was to make fun of my name and lie about what he knew about history of a culture and how they ate sheep, then to doubt the scholarship of someone he's only talked to once and without actually finding out what someones credentials are. I equate it to a middle school kid telling a scientist he doesn't know science.

I had given him three statements from reputable ANE scholars after that, backing my points. Then he vanished in a stream of profanity.

saladfingers has yet to get an epistemology:

Again, I have come to expect these arguments to stalemate. The ontological fabric of existence is woven with ambiguous threads, that seem to manifest sometimes as particles, other times as waves. And depending on how you look at them, both can make perfect sense. How else to you explain the sense of assurance that faithful Mormons have? Why? Because it makes sense! Because there is an apologetic for any question that may arise.

TWebber abe3, on lack of evidence for pagan copycatting:

I tend to disagree with this statement because there is an ancient religion that has influenced Christianity and was borrowed by the Christians. The deity of this pre-Christian religion is still worshiped by Christians. The deity for this religion is Yahweh, also known as Elohim, has been copy-catted (sp?) and absorbed by the new religion. The religion is known as Judaism and pre-dates Christianity by 1400 to 2000 years. The bible actually contains the Jewish Torah and many other Hebrew scriptures in what is now known as the Old Testament. Much of the bible has been borrowed from the Jews as well as many laws and customs come from this pre-Christian religion.

Of course Christianity made something new out of Judaism. But the Christianity can't be considered totally unique. And they still have the deity Yahweh.

Kooky Christian and Theist Collection

Ed Dingess. Platinum Screwball nominee. That's all I'll say.

Harold Camping. Same.

Fred Phelps' bunch would get one too, for picketing Steve Jobs' funeral, but that's just stuff they've won for before. What does make it funnier, though, is that Phelps' daugter used her iPhone to spread the word...and then made the excuse that God created the iPhone, not Jobs.

Vince Carthan, prophect nut, wins for such ideas as that he first great Bible sign of our time is that America begin in a city named after King James i.e James Town, Virginia, and: King James became King over much of the world in 1603. Matthew Chapter 16 verse 03 asks if we can discern the signs of the times. See the connection? King James becoming king in 1603, the King James Bible being named after him and Matthew 16 verse 03 asking about signs of the time?!

Here's a story told that earns an award for someone:

I just left church. We have a small Deaf section. We sit off to the side of the church. Our interpretor sits where she can see a monitor and since she is very [hard-of-hearing], beside a speaker. I have often wondered why we have our own "section" rather than the 'terp sitting near the preacher. Today he told us (our small deaf group) that it was because "the devil was using sign language as a way to distract the rest of the congregation from the sermon". (the hearing were watching the terp),8599,1952497,00.html