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From the Mailbag

The nuttiness came first with this, which charged me with quoting a single verse being wrong:

Lol my facts are "straight" exactly why I did not quote passages. If you want I can do that too from the Torah, Koran, and "bible". Do not post long drawn out complaints that mean absolutely nothing. You talk largely about being able to produce truths from the bible, yet you did not. Facts are something that can be proven. How can I get my facts straight on religious theory, contradictory term.

How can you not believe in an apocalypse if there is reference in the bible. How can you take word from one book but not another. Lol, "logic" cannot be used when people claim wild theories. The law of non contradiction is a political answer. It is used when there is an impasse and an agreement cannot be made. You are using the "law" in improper context. How do you interpret the formula for the law unto the words you speak?

The 1 verse was directed towards you. On your website you post 1verse and claim it as a truth without the content before and after the verse. I can take a sentence out of any book and do this. It is easier in the bible because every word and sentence is thought out very well, but meant as a whole not 1verse interpretations.

.... If there is a heaven there is a hell, this is a good example of law of non contradiction. If heaven is eternal, hell is eternal. You go to heaven, hell after earth. As such "logic" states, you are judge for eternity for a finite life on earth. This is without "bible versing". Catholics believe in absolution, the POPE.

Real fun was had though by the email I got which was just a subject line, "all I have to say is Zeitgeist" and a link to that movie.

The October 2012 John Loftus Collection

Random Skeptic Collection

This from fundy atheist Ben Schuldt:

Black and white thinking pervades Jesus’ views on salvation with the all or nothing, you’re either with me or you’re against me crap which is much more of a hook for a religion (or something George W. Bush says) than correct moralizing.

As we all know, only a Sith moralizes in absolutes.

Yeah only a Sith....Siths are members of collectivist societies with dramatic orientations, right?

YT crybaby andyfromsheldon just got his psychology degree:

Another thing I hate about apologists like JP Holding is that they claim to be laughing at the arguments of atheists when we know full well they are in fact fuming with rage and are just claiming to be laughing to be condescending.

firstfloor puts an end to football pools:

Moreland is supposed to be arguing for the existence of the Christian God but seems instead to be arguing for the Jewish creator God. Despite what Christians tell you, they are not the same. The existence of the Christian God can be determined by considering whether or not the future can be predicted. Modern physics has shown that it cannot be predicted and therefore Christian New Testament claims about the Messiah are false and therefore the Christian Trinity does not exist.

smaneck, to my detailed vid on Elisha:

Sorry, show me some evidence that anything I said was false, not strawman arguments being refuted by unproven assertions made in a cartoon.

justforfun2010201), a YT fundy atheist troll who uses English dictionaries to define Greek words and drops f-bombs liberally, just won the irony award:

The Galileo story proves the irrational and non-evidence base approach. In Galileo's it was widely believed that the earth was flat (as your [deleted] bybul says) but he proved it was round. Within a few years it was accepted. Science won over faith without evidence. SCIENCE NOT RELIGION. REASON, NOT FAITH WITHOUT EVIDENCE!

Of course, the problem is that it wasn't "Earth: flat or round" Galileo was concerned with. It was "geocentrism vs heliocentrism". Yep. That's what "science and reason" will get you.

YT fundy atheist vohskab:

Isn't it funny how you christians are always at each other about one another being false versions of yourselfs. You would have thought if the bible had come from god and he had sent down his son to deliver it he would have ensured that his message was consistent so that you could all agree. There is no different from you or the WBC you both derive your "truth" from an ancient bronze age text and both assert that you understand it better than the other. What makes you right?

So you are feeling pretty pleased with yourself because your version of christianity has been vindicated because of Campings false prophecy? I have news for you he doesn't see it that way - you are both as deluded as one another - that is all that his failure proves - not that your own smug and watered down version of christianity (over liberalised and intellectualised Cof E to the point of apathy) can scoff at the immature and foolish rantings of the evangelists. cntd ...

I actually have more respect for him than you - at least he has the force of his convictions - you intellectualise and meander around criticism by presenting a respectable version of christianity. I am sure you have heard this a hundred times before but you and he have one thing in common you draw your legitimacy from an ancient txt written by goat herders .

YT user Genitalica:

I just wanna say: Hittler was religous... and if bible is true, then god kill even more people than Hittler.

YT user devante11:

So everything in revelation is not going to happen literally. Not much of a revelation then PMSL

Matt McCormick wins for this bigotry -- coming from him as a professor of philopshy:

We need some independent grounds for thinking that what the Gospels say are true. So, many Christians will turn to a historical argument. The central problem that people, particularly illiterate Bronze age peasants, sheepherders, and fisherman, are notoriously unreliable sources of accurate information about supernatural, paranormal, or spiritual matters.

Especially for putting the Gospels in the Bronze Age, which ended 1000 years earlier.

Fog Horn noms Platinum TWeb n00b for accetping the wacko idea that YHWH was a volcano, and claiming she is a "Christian atheist" -- and posing herself as "Christian" as a way to get Christians to read her posts. stefcui also noms for n00b.

A troll on a vid of mine about Hitler not being a Christian said:

The trouble is, there are thousands and thousands of different groups out there and they all claim to be Christians. Isn't it just a little bit arrogant to say that a Jehovah's Witness, a Mormon or a Roman Catholic is not a true Christian, especially since they might well say the same about you? Since as far as I can see there is no way of being able to decide who is and who is not a Christian Adolf Hitler's claim to be one is as good as yours.

Facebook loony Steven Michael:

I love your reply! Really great. But I can't help wondering, why is it okay for you to comment as you desire, but not okay for me? I mean, the box I am typing in says, "comment" it doesn't say what I am or am not allowed to say. I see you write freely~ but when I do, it's upsetting to you. Why are you so frightened by your faith, that you're extremely worried about what I write? And, intoxicated on my myths? What myth am I intoxicated on? that you don't beleive in Hindu gods and goddesses, Allah, Buddha and the many other gods that people believe in around the world, makes you and I both pretty similar. You believe in Jesus. I don't. So what. We're pretty similar otherwise. Furthermore, you have no idea what my beliefs on God actually are. By the way, use spell check because many of the words used from your Thesaurus were misspelled.

YT user logicforfirstgraders,on my Jephthah vid, which uses things like social science scholarship to explain the story:

you are saying that a fair argument is: Jephthah is innocent because if the bible had said a unicorn flew in and changed his mind then he'd never have done it and so he didn't do it.

Kooky Christian and Theist Collection

Dr. Ralph Blair, for bad grammar and for not being able to make up his mind:

I cannot have moved from my 1950s mainline Protestant background to the Fundamentalist separatism at Bob Jones University to involvement in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at a state university to Dispensationalism taught at Dallas Seminary to Reformed theology taught at Westminster Seminary to experience a liberal grad school at Southern Cal to full-time IVCF staff work at Penn to doing my doctoral research and dissertation on homosexuality at Penn State to directing a City University of New York counseling center and then into the private practice of psychotherapy with gay New Yorkers and launching Evangelicals Concerned for Christians who happen to be same-sex oriented and not gain perception and understanding I hadn't had.

Sean, on a Facebook page:

I suppose if you have autism, emotional insecurity isn't much of an issue. Do you think it possible the Calvinist verses are simply in error?

YT user Anti Cult wins for mouth-frothing anti-Catholicism, using a bogus quote by Pope John Paul 2, and not admitting the error when called on it.

Screwball to an Islamic website for saying: "Eating tomatoes is forbidden because they are Christian. [The tomato] praises the cross instead of Allah and says that Allah is three (a reference to the Trinity)." They showed a cross-section of a sliced tomato with a crosslike figure in it.

TWeb user TeeJay amused us with this. Another member said of him, "Yeah, but according to his zip code, he lives in Fantasyland." TeeJay replied:

CP, how and why are you privy to my zip code? Unless you can give me a good answer, I am going to consult Dee Dee. Are you a moderator? If not, did Sparko, as a moderator, reveal this to you?

n00b Stefcui steps in with a whimper:

I also have found, "during the years that I've spent studying early Christianity", that all Christian doctrines and teachings have been muddied by gnostics and heretics to some degree. After the 4th century Christianity became a different animal. It was a time you could buy a church and a bishopric; you could also inherit one or be gifted one from an emperor. Once money and freedom became the expectation of the church... we changed. All churches since that time have become children of a kind of gnostic-christian hybrid. Our interpretations have been influenced by gnostics and heretics, or worse, the ungodly catholic (universal) christendom.

Yt user WCOGTheology, on my Jephthah vid:

This is the dumbest interpretation I wave ever heard. You bunch of pansies that call yourselves Christians, LET God be God, God drowned countless babies in the Flood, and burned many more in Sodom, I have no problem with God causing Jephthah's daughter to run out first to be sacrificed. And I don't need to coddle any atheist b/c of it.

Ricky Gervais noms Platinum for a Famous Screwball, for posting this:

Dear Religion,

This week I safely dropped a man from space while you shot a child in the head for wanting to go to school.

Yours, Science.

Rachel Held Evans noms Platinum, Famous Christian:

Westboro Baptist wins for wacky end times ideas, including making Obama the Antichrist.