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Thoughts on authorities and to prop up my virtue
Why faith and science don't mix (coming soon)
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Judgment overdue - Jesus is right under your nose
Pagan influences on Christianity: Let's Avoid Specifics
Was Jesus Christ a real historical figure?

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The Bible
Q: The Tip in My Ear?
Testing the reliability of the New Testament
The Resurrection on Trial
The composition of the New Testament
The truth of the "Virgin Birth" as a fulfillment of prophecy
Exploring the Exodus myth

PEST on Early Christian Writings
The Ebionites and Nazarenes -- a far more professional job
Did Josephus mention Jesus Christ? (c. 68 CE)
Theophilus of Antioch -- a more professional account
Aristides and the historical Christ -- a much better look
Did Irenaeus say that Jesus was fifty? -- a much better look
The curious case of Minucius Felix -- more than a goldanged soundbite