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The September 2011 John Loftus Collection

Loftus gets an award for thinking himself special for having a Wikipedia entry (or what he thought was one, but was actually a user's page on him).

The Assorted Atheist Collection

The lead is provided by Brett "Dumbass" Palmer, and his replies to my Elisah series of vids:

his is the final treatment I will give the Elisha and the Bears story as defended by apologist James Patrick Holding largely because he has added nothing new to his original position. In Holding's diarrhetic video explosion of replies drawn out over the past six months since I first uploaded my own video examination of his treatment he didn't shift from his bare assertions but instead largely repeated them with a hefty load of insults and distractions added in to help hide the barrenness of his inferior apologetic (unless you count Holding's movement on the qatan na'ar from the woods around Bethel to actually having come out of the city after I pointed out that little detail to him in my original treatment of his apologetic). My own avalanche of rebuttals here will serve to entomb Holding and solidify my argument but the core of my original position has remained unmoved by his apologetic tantrums. So while it's inevitable Holding will spit up more material in his death throes following this series, likely to consist largely of more insults and more distractions in a hapless effort to save face, unless he adds something substantially new directly related to the text, credits me properly, focuses on the actual topic under discussion and learns to behave himself, I see no reason to continue to waste my time on him. He's been annihilated on this topic and kicking his corpse would only be sadistic. I have other projects which require my limited time. Unlike Holding, I don't whip out hack videos within 48 hours. Something substantial and actually worth one's viewing time requires a much more dedicated effort. And so, my audience can rest assured I will be working on new videos regarding new topics going forward and will not waste any more of their time with additional treatments of the Elisha story.

On a side note, because Holding refuses to source my material by providing links back to my videos, has blocked the YouTube community from rating his productions and moderates comments before they go up on his channel he will be getting no reference links from me.

Aw, how disappointing. Among Palmer's idiotic arguments this time: Lev. 13:40 shows that the Hebrews had knowledge of male pattern baldness as a medical diagnosis (that earns him a Platinum nomination); we can't assume Elisha's attackers had rocks and sticks available as weapons, because the text doesn't say they picked any up; and I must have though those who attacked Elisha were highwaymen, because in my cartoon I show them (as cute little kids) coming out of a bush. Palmer's lowbrow followers also win, many of them for thinking I supposed anyone had been killed by the bears, and for giving 56 thumbs up to this highly intellectual comment:

WHo [censored] cares why he is bald???

And his follower OriginalTharos takes the cake:

I think what I find most troubling is the degree of time and effort that so many people waste learning a worthless language to study a nonexistent fairy tale. That's a dig on everyone who studies the bible on both sides of the theism/atheism debate. It's roughly the same thing as checking the closet to prove to your kid there's no monster in it. They still think there's a monster in there, and you've done nothing but indulge their fantasy by checking in the first place.

Tassman is still buzzing incoherently:

The cosmological argument for the existence of god claims that all things in nature depend on something else for their existence (i.e., are contingent), and that the whole cosmos and its creation must therefore depend on a being that exists independently or necessarily. This is an invalid assumption. It assumes a beginning and this is not supported by Quantum Mechanics.

The state of the universe in the first ultra-ultra millisecond was confined within the Planck sphere and the universe was necessarily in a condition of maximum entropy, i.e. total chaos. If a supernatural creation occurred at this point, it was a creation without design since the universe was without order.

As well, although we cannot look back beyond the “chaos” to see what went on before, we cannot assume that nothing was there, let alone prove it. At least, not at this stage of physics! Thus the premise of the Cosmological Argument, that the universe began to exist, is an invalid assumption. The burden of proof rests with those who assume that the universe did begin to exist.

Special hubris award here:

Dan Mickle is a rising star in the world of Youtube Atheism. His unique perspective on Atheist related goings-on has turned a lot of heads in this community. Through a unique combination of reasoned logical arguments, witty comedy, and extreme PWNage, Dan has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of young Youtubers.

tigerclaw1000 is the classic fundy atheist:

So you believe in a local flood not world wide huh? Well it says in the bible that the whole world was flooded!! but you again interpret it as you like. And other verses you will happily interpret literary. So witch is? That is the problem with most religions, there so called sacred texts are just confusing if you really read theme carefully and see theme as whole.

YT user crazypills2, on denominations:

So exactly how many different christian belief groups are out there? Is it tens, hundreds or thousands? And would you say that Catholics, Baptists, Southern Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Assembly of God, Four Square, Nazarene, Jesus Only, Church of God, Church of God Prophecy, Pentecostal Holiness, Seventh Day Adventists, Evangelical Free etc. have enough differing beliefs that it often makes it difficult for their members to attend other denominations?

"Difficult to attend"?

YT user johnedwards1968:

Slavery also provides destitute people a means to survive. They were the property of someone else, but they were fed and housed. Why don't you just endorse slavery openly, instead of this piffle about indentured servitude. Also you ignore the fact that the rules you are looking at ONLY apply to Jews. The rules for treating slaves captured in battle or conquest are much more like the American south than you seem to think. Read a little more about it, and avoid apologetics.

YT user mothersday123, after I blasted him for using Wikipedia as a source and told him to use real scholars:

Alright, now that's wrong. I don't need a scholar to speak of the terrible acts of imprisonment and torture of the Inquisition, or the bloody slaughter of the Crusades in the name of a god and I only need ask one of the hundreds- if not thousands of sex abuse victims of the Catholic church. If what little effort I had to go through to bring those up doesn't bother someone, well that's just sick. And for crying out loud, I'm only retorting your statements, not rambling.

Other Assorted Nuts

YT user elsol98 tells us about his sources:

religions are the root of all evil, for they keep the masses in spiritual darkness.any God who rules by fear is an insecure tyrant.i rather look for spiritual guidance in the animal kingdom.

Then this from YT userCaladonianCimmerianL:

you say you are a christian yet you condone the genocide of the white race...Thats what multicultuarism and race mixing is. In non white countries the birth rates are out of control, in white countires non white birth rates are 15X higer than whites.In S.A they are literally murdering whites in a deliberate genocide. Race-mixing results in the demise of the white race if you advocate this you advocate geonocide, im pretty sure christ does not support this.

Speaker told this story:

The best one I received when using my MacBook Pro from the pulpit and the "apple with the bite out of it" lit up. One man came and told me he didn't hear anything I had to say because of the symbol of "fallen man" being exalted. I asked him where in the Bible it says it was an apple - to which he replied, "everyone knows it was an apple."

Person of unknown faith named CJD says:

The story of Adam and Lilith is a pretty important one in Christian mythology, even if the Bible doesn't mention it (it doesn't mention a lot of things).

It is generally accepted that 1 Timothy 5:18 quotes Luke 10:7 ("The worker deserves his wages").shunydragon's brilliant objection?

It could be Luke quoting from Paul.

shunyadragon continues to manifest signs of scholarship:

OT social milieu in understanding the ANE,' remains meaningless and nonsense in any context other than justifying JP Holding's own bias unrealistic view of things like Biblical slavery and the voracity of the NT gospels no matter how s . . . l . . . o . . . w . . . l . . .y he speaks.

And, Ed Dingess wins for his efforts to bullying and manipulation: see here.

YT user elsol98 tells us about his sources:

religions are the root of all evil, for they keep the masses in spiritual darkness.any God who rules by fear is an insecure tyrant.i rather look for spiritual guidance in the animal kingdom. -- At-Large Platinum nominee. -- At Large Platinum nominee.